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Image: Cruise ship docked at at Benoa. Credit:

Four cruise ships carrying Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) will tie up at Benoa Harbor over the next days. This cruise ships will be arriving one by one.

The first ship is scheduled to arrive on today, Thursday (4/16), carrying a total of 232 people, including 117 PMI from Bali, with the rest coming from other regions.

“The commitment that we have agreed with the central government is that the ship is allowed to dock at Benoa. Then the Bali Province Task Force rapid test team will board the ship to conduct rapid tests,” Bali Province COVID-19 Task Force Accelerating Task Force Chief, Dewa Made Indra said in a press statement on Wednesday (15/4).

According to Dewa Indra, the sorting of the returnees will be done first, separating the PMI from Bali and the other regions. All PMI with positive rapid test results will be taken by the provincial government and quarantined.

Next, they will be swab tested using the PCR method. If the results are positive, but there are no symptoms of illness, they will remain in quarantine. While people with positive results and symptoms will be immediately taken to the hospital.

The PMI from Bali with negative rapid test results will be picked up by the regency/city governments. “So, the regency/city governments will also wait in Benoa to immediately take those people to quarantine at the places prepared by the regency/city government,” he explained.

For non-Bali PMI, if the results are negative, they will also be quarantined in Bali before being dispatched to their respective regions of origin. The repatriation will be arranged by the National Task Force fitting into aircraft schedules.

Quarantine hotels have been prepared by the central government through the National Task Force ans will be used for quarantine purposes.

“There will be four cruise ships every day coming for four days in a row,” Dewa Indra added.

According to the provincial task force data, from March 22 to April 14, there have been 7972 PMI returning to Bali.