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Image: Lapangan Puputan Margarana Niti Mandala, Bajra Sandhi. Credit: IG @zepplinn.

Following a number of posts on social media of people gathering and exercising in parks in Denpasar, the governor of Bali instructed authorities to close some parks until further notice. People are asked to exercise at home.

Head of the Bali Province Satpol PP, Dewa Rai Dharmadi said that his men had put up a banner at the Puputan Margarana Field, Renon, Denpasar. “The closing is done for a while to help curb the development of COVID-19 cases,” he explained to Balipost on Tuesday (15/4).

The park will closed every Saturday and Sunday, as these two days are seen to be too busy with people doing sporting activities.

Dewa Darmadi told, Governor Koster asked Satpol PP to close the park from Monday to Sunday. “However, after reviewing the situation, we decided that the closure would only occur on Saturday and Sunday,” Dewa Darmadi said on Tuesday (14/4).

This closure is intended to reduce the activities of the crowd, so as to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Besides the Renon Margarana Puputan field, a number of public areas in Denpasar are also the concern of Satpol PP.

Members from the Bali Disaster Management and Bali Satpol, were out in the field to educate people in the parks on COVID-19 prevention on Monday afternoon (13/4). They will also be controlling people that arrive without masks and are not practicing social distancing.

Yesterday, Governor Koster also announced that in future, people entering Bali will be quarantined by the government in government buildings.  “Quarantine in the regencies or cities can be implemented by the respective regions. They can be quarantined all in a hotel for example. The regencies can also use the facilities owned by the province, like training centers or other institutions where offices are now not in use,” he explained to Bali Express. (PMI, or returning workers from overseas, have seen the most positive cases in recent days and need to be properly quarantined, according to authorities. Ed)

He also said yesterday that the Bali government assessed that the island does not yet need to conduct a large-scale social restriction (PSBB), or ‘lock down’ to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. Koster said, Bali is still far from talking about PSBB because the current cases are not high.

Meanwhile, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali increased on Tuesday (14/4) based on data reported by the Bali COVID-19Task Force.

The number of positive cases is 92 people, increasing by six Indonesian citizens in the form of four imported cases and two local transmissions. The number of patients who have recovered is now 21 people, including 17 Indonesian citizens and four foreigners.

69 positive patients remain under care and two people have died connected with Covid-19, both foreigners.

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  • Wigmore

    Can we go to Banuwangi or Lombok and return the next day without any quaranteen…?

  • peter pan

    Those talks remind me of this XXX Trump. He also said there is no danger in the USA. Now its too late.

  • ronald carter

    I congratulate the Governor of Bali on keeping the number of positive coronavirus cases so low. In a population of approximately 4 million. This is an incredible achievement. With only 92 cases since this crisis began in January 2020 I believe the world could learn from Bali’s management of this horrendous crisis. Great achievement. Thank you Ron.

    • Ellen Foster-Taylor

      I sincerely hope you’re not that dumb.

  • S. Claus

    Are you serious Ron. Bali has little to no measures in place like those adopted in other countries. I suspect the actual numbers are far greater. There is no active testing programme, the Balinese have returned to their villages in droves. Close knit communities where social distancing will be non-existent. Tick, tick, tick… The facts show that countries who acted hard and fast have flattened the curve. Bali has not. How many infected Chinese visited Bali in January alone before their government imposed travel restrictions. With a high rate of contagion, no Balinese were infected in that time. A miracle!

  • Dedublya

    I also offer congratulations to the health care people that have rescued the 21 people in their care. The Government’s decision to mandate returning workers under Quarantine is most sensible and appreciated.
    Surely our wide and efficient police force can cease All collective gatherings as means to foil social transmissions by sight rather than SM means. Well done. D

  • ronald carter

    Hi Claus my comments were based on the figures available April 15 2020. 92 people infected God help them. I will make another assessment in 3 months time. I hope and pray the Governor of Bali will present us all with a similar outcome. Thank you Ron.

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