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Image: COVID-19 Task Force. Credit: Pemprov Bali.

The Bali COVID-19 Task Force posted on their website last night that there was an increase of 17 positive cases of the virus on the island bringing the total cases till now to 482. The new cases were all Indonesian and consisted of eight PMIs and nine local transmissions.

The number of patients who were pronounced cured yesterday totaled five people. They were all Indonesians and made up the total of 334 people who have recovered from the virus.

The number of people to have died from Covid-19 complications on the island unfortunately rose to five on Sunday night. According to Kompas, the 57-year-old man from Werdhi Bhuana Village, Mengwi, Badung was reported to have died at Bali Mandara Hospital on Sunday (5/31) at 8pm. “It is true that he died last night at around 8pm at Bali Mandara Hospital. The patient had congenital diseases, namely heart problems and diabetes,” Head of Badung Health Service Nyoman Gunarta told reporters. The man was buried in his village on Monday morning.

The number of positive patients in care is now 143 people who are being cared for in eight hospitals, and others quarantined at Bapelkesmas, UPT Nyitdah Hospital and BPK Pering.

The number of positive cases in Bali is still largely dominated by imported cases, while cumulative local transmissions total 213 people. According to the task force this means that there are still people who do not heed or make an effort to prevent COVID-19, such as wearing masks, washing hands, physical distancing, etc.

For that, they once again say that to suppress the cases of local transmission, the community must be aware and disciplined in making efforts to prevent the virus.


A teenager in Gianyar has reportedly tested positive Covid-19 after being buried on Sunday night.

It was stated by the Head of the Gianyar Covid-19 Task Force, Wisnu Wijaya that the boy had a fever since May 24, 2020. However, he was treated at his house for two days before being taken to Ganesha Hospital, Celuk, Gianyar with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, muscle and swallowing pains.

“The boy had a reactive rapid test on May 30, 2020. Because he lost consciousness and required PICU treatment with a diagnosis of Encephalitis, the boy was then taken to Sanglah General Hospital,” Wisnu Wijaya explained to NusaBali in Gianyar on Monday (1/6) night.

The boy was swab tested, but the results of the test hadn’t come back before the young person died on Sunday evening at 6.30 pm. “His body was not immediately buried, but was briefly taken to a funeral home in Denpasar, because at that time the results of the swab had not yet returned,” explained Wisnu Wijaya to NusBali.

The Gianyar Health Office received the results from Sanglah Hospital the day after the lad was buried, on Monday afternoon at 1pm. The swab test revealed he was positive Covid-19. “The Health Office team immediately investigated the patient’s home in Batubulan, Gianyar, where they found out the family was in the village of Serongga Village. They also investigated and made tracing contact to the funeral home.

This morning members of the family of the boy were all swab tested while the father protested on social media that there was no swab test done on his boy at Sanglah. The test results are still yet to arrive.

Dozens of people from Serongga village were rapid tested today too. They were neighbours and friends who had participated in the funeral of the boy, a total of 38 people were tested, which all came back negative.

The Health Office was also trying to ascertain the cause of death of the boy since dengue fever and Encephalitis had been suspected.