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Image: Ibu Suastini Koster. Credit: Instagram.

Covid-19 has found a cluster amongst wives of Bali provincial government officials. They include Ni Putu Putri Suastini, 54, (wife of Bali Governor Wayan Koster), Ni Ketut Suastiningsih, 53, (wife of the Chairman of the Bali DPRD Nyoman Adi Wiryatama), and Ni Wayan Suartini, 56, ( wife of the Deputy Chairman of the Bali DPRD Nyoman Sugawa Korry), who all tested positive recently to Covid-19.

According to NusaBali, besides being the wives of prominent politicians the women are also chairpersons and members of government teams and bodies.

Mrs Putri Suastini Koster (OTG) is currently still in quarantine at the BPK RI Education and Training Facility in Pering Village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar. Meanwhile, Sugawa Korry’s wife, Suartini Korry, has been discharged from Bali Mandara Hospital, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur after being treated for a week with her husband, Nyoman Sugawa Korry, who also tested positive for Covid-19.

Suastiningsih Wiryatama has also recovered after being quarantined at Bapelkes Bali.

Mrs Putri Koster shared the news in a video greeting for Hari Raya Kuningan on Instagram, which lasted 13.52 minutes. The video was recorded in quarantine at the Pering Village BPK RI Education and Training Facility on Friday (25/9).

“Rahajeng Nyanggra Kuningan tomorrow (yesterday) for the people of Se-Dharma. While I am here still undergoing quarantine as an OTG after doing a swab test. Even though I actually feel healthy, blood sugar is normal, my body condition is like normal. But I must quarantine so that the virus does not spread to other people,” posted Suastini Koster.

Mrs. Putri Koster also revealed that anyone could be exposed to the Coronavirus, especially since she often met and went about in the community. “But the results of the second swab, my immune system has started to increase and according to the doctor, within three months I can defend against the Coronavirus. If I am exposed again it means that I am ready to fight the virus,” said Suastini Koster.

The governor’s wife, who was born in Padangsambian Kaja Village, West Denpasar District also shared her experience being tested positive for Covid-19. “When being tested positive, I think the key is in our minds. We must remain calm, so that our immune system does not decrease due to stress. It is stress not the Corona virus that is the culprit. Our thoughts are stressed and congenital diseases appear one by one,” she said in the video.

Mrs Koster also said that during her quarantine she often sunbathed. “Activities are normal and I am sunbathing with friends, who are also quarantined,” said Suastini Koster.

Because she was so calm, Suastini Koster had time to convey the surprise of her husband, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster. “How come you take it easy, said the Governor. Yes, we have to be calm, not stressed. This (Covid-19) is not a disgrace. I convey it to all, my brothers are in good condition,” concluded Suastini Koster.

While the governor’s wife remains in quarantine, the other two prominent wives, who were symptomatic and in hospital, have now fully recovered.

This all comes after 20 employees of the governor’s residence in Denpasar, Jaya Sabha, were confirmed to be Covid positive last Thursday.

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  • JD

    The wives that say Ni

  • JD

    All they want is a shrubbery, not too expensive.

  • ronald carter

    What’s happening in Bali at moment is like watching a slow moving train wreck with those in charge not having a clue how to slow down this virus. Obviously the Governor and staff weren’t adhering to their own Covid protocols. The Governor’s wife might be able to stay calm while sunbathing. Most Bali citizens are not in positions to sunbathe. They are too busy trying to figure out where their next rupiah is going to come from. I hope the Governor’s wife, staff and the people of Bali have a speedy recovery. Thank you

  • BaliRob

    Pathetic – Bangli ring a bell? Ronald you have courage

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