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Image: Sanglah emergency ward. Credit: Sanglah Hospital.

The Covid-19 numbers continue to increase on the island of Bali, with cumulative number of positive cases now reaching 594 people, which yesterday saw an increase of 12 Indonesian citizens; 3 PMI and 9 local transmissions. Over the past three days there was an increase of 70 positive cases.

Four patients recovered yesterday which is a total now of 377 people.

The number of patients who have died remains at five people.

The number of active cases is now 212 people, who are in 12 hospitals and also quarantined. It was reported that 52 cases were in Sanglah Hospital, with the management saying the hospital’s readiness and needs were being handled well.

According to the regular statement from Chairman of the Bali Covid-19 Task Force, Dewa Made Indra, the number of positive cases due to local transmission continues to increase sharply, which means that there are still people who do not take heed of the required protocols, such as wearing masks, washing hands and physical distancing. “For that, the community must be aware and disciplined in making efforts to prevent this virus,” he said.

The governor of Bali has also issued an appeal, which among other things urges students to keep studying at home, banning crowded activities including cock fighting, continuing the closure of tourist attractions, night entertainment spots and other activities that involve gatherings of a lot of people. The governor also stated that customary and religious activities must only be carried out with at most 25 people. He wants the public to limit trips outside Bali, especially to areas that are considered COVID-19 red zones and reduce outdoor activities. And in regard to people heading outside the home, he hopes that people will do that an orderly and disciplined manner and following the COVID-19 prevention protocols.

Dewa Indra reiterated that considering that COVID-19’s local transmissions have shown an increase in numbers over the past few days, all community members, traditional leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders, political figures, and all elements of society should come together to strengthen the discipline in implementing the COVID prevention protocol.

The Nusa Dua area of Bali is planned to be a pilot project for the CHS Program. The Nusa Dua area was chosen because of its strategic location and being an exclusive, gated area it can be easily monitored. The area is also complete with supporting facilities, not just a range of accommodations, but also amenities such as shopping and dining, and even an international standard hospital.

“Indonesia, like many countries, is currently focusing on preparing a new normal in preparation to welcome tourists back. CHS is what we are preparing and we are optimistic that we can welcome tourists back with new and interesting experiences,” said Nia Niscaya.

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  • David W Heath

    Good article!. I like the order of, Social Distancing, Washing hands, Coughing and sneezing into elbow, then the mask use last. Complacency a bad social disease. Stay safe and well.

  • Shari Hartman

    I went to Bali Galleria today to go to Telcom cel, and was surprised to see the parking area full of motorbikes. There’s were lots of people in the mall as well. Yet, the beaches are closed. There’s no logic to this.

    • Ïit

      Canggu and Berawa is open

  • Yogi

    Sorry but I’m just seeing way to many locals congregating with NO masks – only today, a big group sitting in a circle eating and drinking – not one mask and all siting shoulder to shoulder……also local tattoo shop – having a big party outside – NO masks and seemed to have zero cares…..c’mon guys, do you want tourists and business to come back????

  • ronald carter

    I think the Bali team checking coronavirus is doing a great job. The figures for people with the virus confirms that. But there is one group that should be tested extensively and that is expat and foreigners. If I was in Bali being an Australian I would welcome being tested. Foreigners have more contact with greater range of Bali people than anyone. Eg food taxis cleaning and all manner of servicers. I’m hoping to return to Bali around January 2021but if it was sooner that would be wonderful. Thank You Ron

  • Clive Matthews

    My friends in Bali tell me it costs AUD$100 for a test, can anybody tell me if there is Government program of testing, there will be people flying under the radar if not.

  • Ïit

    Canngu, Echo and Berawa beaches are open

  • Igor

    There are people everywhere without mask, no social distance, etc. etc…
    Gov don’t do nothing… There isn’t 1 policeman that stop them… But sure beach closed.. No logic, no sense about that, and some club reopen this week.

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