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The way in which people use technology to communicate and receive their daily information fix these days has become way more advanced. This is why the Bali police force felt compelled to modernize their communication system in order to provide a better service to the public.

On Wednesday (17/05) in Denpasar, the police launched an application called “Sistem Aplikasi Layanan Kepolisian Bali”, or Salak Bali, specifically designed so that the public have easier access to the police, as well as to create a more effective and efficient service.

“This application is a product from our Promoter Kapolri program whose job is to modernize the police’s supporting public service technology,” said Petrus Reinhard Golose, Bali Police Chief, in Denpasar, as quoted by Berita Dewata. “You can use Salak Bali to receive and process emergency calls [SOS], to report and make a complaint about particular problems happening in the field. And you can do that simply through your smartphone.”

He added that the application can also be used by the public to report crime and to verify fake news. Another creative breakthrough is the Absensi Online feature which works to control the attendance of on-duty officers. Golose hopes that through the Salak Bali app the public can now have an easier and faster option to get in touch with the police. Moreover, people can directly monitor the progress of their report or complaint via the app.

The technology behind Salak Bali and Absensi Online is supported by PT Telkom Witel. “Thanks to PT Telkom Witel Denpasar and hopefully we can collaborate more in the future, especially in supporting the police to provide a better service to the public,” said Golose.

Search Salak Bali on Google Play or iTunes.