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Image: Tourist arrivals at Denpasar Airport. Credit: ST

According to officials, the number of the Chinese passengers that arrived to Bali through I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport during January-August 2018 totaled 972,442 passengers. This puts the Chinese in the 1st position, followed by Australians 2nd with 770,228 passengers and India comes in at 3rd in the ranking with 244,628 travelers.

“Those three countries have contributed almost 50 percent of the total tourists that we have welcomed so far this year. Chinese tourists have contributed 24.49 percent, while Australia reached 18.61 percent and India 5.91 percent,” said the General Manager of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Yanus Suprayogi, to late last week.

Yanus also said that generally the numbers of the tourist visits were increasing if compared with last year.

“The statistics reported that the airport traffic increased 11% and the passenger movements increased 8%,” Yanus said. There were 4,139,187 passengers during the period January-August 2018, which is an increase of 6.61 percent if compared with January-August 2017 with 3,882,526 passengers.

  • Bernard van Elmpt

    I’m happy for Bali that they receive more tourist but I also see that many of those tourist almost don’t spend any money, specially the Chinese, and the other bad thing is the lack of respect of many tourist for Bali religion and culture, would be good if every tourist before arriving Bali should get a small explanation leaflet about the religion and culture and how tourist should behave in the Temples or at processions and ceremonies.
    The airport should find a way to dispatch tourist much more quicker, its a very bad start and image when they arrive and first have stand long time in the cue for getting there passport stamped, then wait for your suitcases and then again a even worst line for passing customs, when they come out they start with bad impression of Bali and then hell starts with traffic, those coming to our Resort (Sahaja Sawah) are the first day not happy at all.
    So if Bali wants to keep on increasing there tourist they must find a better solution for this.

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