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Image: Chinese Tourists Flocked to Nusa Penida. Credit:

The Bali Tourism Board (BTB) has estimated that Chinese tourist numbers will decrease with the Chinese souvenir shops being closed by authorities over the past week. The BTB estimates that the number will decrease for the next 3-6 months.

The Head of BTB, IB Agung Partha Adnyana, told reporters that Bali tourism stakeholders under BTB and Bali Provincial Government will conduct a sales mission to Shanghai, Beijing and the other cities in China during December. He met with the reporters, earlier today, accompanied by the Head of Bali Province Tourism Board, AA Gede Yuniartha Putra, and stated the sales mission will be led by the Bali Vice Governor, who wished to explain the situation of Bali tourism today.

He also said that the Bali government hopes to keep improving the quality of the tourism services to help compete with other destinations in the region trying to attract Chinese tourists. They will also maintain good communication between the regional government and the Chinese consulate in Bali.

According to Adnyana, some of the service improvements are in business regulations, eliminating the zero tour fee packages and adding more tour guides, who are able to communicate in Chinese, to introduce Bali culture to the tourists.

The government estimated that 60 percent of the Chinese tourists that were coming to Bali came with the zero tour fee packages, which allowed them to pay a very cheap tour package because the tour packages had been subsidized by third parties. It has come to light that some of these third parties violated many regulations in Bali and didn’t give much attention to the Chinese tourists’ safety.

By communicating how to uphold a healthy commerce to the Chinese government, the Bali government hopes that the Chinese tourist visits will increase again in the near future.