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An unfortunate incident befell a Chinese tourist, Li Guang Sheng (68), at Nusa Penida. On Sunday (14/05), Sheng was with four of his family members when he went snorkelling at Pantai Song Lambung, Lembongan Village.

As reported by Berita Bali, the man was at the beach with family from 9am and was accompanied with a guide, Gede Sutawan. After hitting the sea to enjoy the underwater scene, they finished around 11.30 and walked back to their lodgings at Darzan Villa. Around 225 meters from the beach, Sheng slipped and fell with his knees hitting the asphalt first. He also sustained wounds on his right temple.

He was then rushed to the community hospital, Puskesmas Jungut Batu, to get medical treatment, but on the way he kept on vomiting. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor declared him dead.

Ketut Suwastika, Head of Nusa Penida Police, confirmed the incident and added that the cause of death was due to heart failure.