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Image: Waiting for Chinese tourists at Ngurah Rai Aiport. Credit: ST
The number of foreign tourist arrivals to Bali during April 2019 reached a total of 476,327 people, and Chinese tourists were the number one country arriving with 19.78 percent.

Most of them arrived via airport with 476,160 and only 167 foreigners arrived via sea ports.

“The visits on April 2019 were dominated by Chinese tourists with 19.78 percent, but Australians were not far behind,” said the Head of Bali Statistic Board, Adi Nugroho to

The Chinese were followed by Australian tourists in second position with 18.95 percent, India with 5.34 percent, UK with 5.14 percent, the US with 4.65 percent, Japan 4.17 percent, France 3.34 percent, Germany 3.25 percent, Malaysia 2.80 percent and Russia 2.64 percent in the last place of the top 10.

He explained that the number of foreign tourist visits to Bali during 2019 reached a total of 1,819,209, which was a decrease of 0.04 percent if compared with 2018 data. The visits were dominated by Chinese tourists with 23.17 percent, followed by Australia with 18.34 percent, India with 6.02 percent, Japan with 4.33 percent, and the US with 4.27 percent.  UK with 4.24 percent, Russia with 3.00 percent, Malaysia with 2.97 percent, South Korea with 2.93 percent, and Germany with 2.60 percent. “The biggest increase came from South Korea which saw an increase of 47.27 percent since last year, but only reached 2.93 percent of the global total,” he concluded.