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REnextop, together with the Asian Surfing Championships (ASC) announces the REnextop Asian Surfing Tour 2017, China’s first professional surfing tour, planned and organized by the Chinese extreme sports company REnextop. Through this series of competitions, REnextop will strengthen the integration of China’s surfing community with the international surfing world to provide more opportunities, communication avenues and interactions at a higher level. The top surfers from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region including Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia and Taiwan will be invited to compete in these events.

REnextop is Asia’s first platform dedicated to helping extreme sportsmen and independent athletes to realize their dreams, and surfing is one of the most important extreme sports in REnextop. China’s top woman’s longboarder Monica Guo and top men’s longboarder TZ, are high-level surfers that are sponsored by the platform. Now they have become independent professional athletes traveling to surf and compete in the Asia Pacific region, setting an example for other Chinese surfers to follow and realize their dreams.

The REnextop Asian Surfing Tour 2017 will start in Bali from 8-11 of June this year at Canggu, with three additional events later in the year in locations including Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Assisted by the ASC and the Perenanan Surf Club, the Canggu stop will kick off the tour in one of Bali’s best and most consistent waves, the Pererenan rivermouth righthander, with four divisions of competition:  Men’s Shortboard, Men’s Longboard, Women’s Shortboard, and Women’s Longboard.

Men’s Divisions will be limited to 32 in the Longboard Division and 32 in the Shortboard Division; Women’s Division competitors are limited to 16 competitors in the Longboard and 16 in the Shortboard.

Total prize money for the event will be $12,600 USD, with $3,800 for Men’s Shortboard and $3,800 for Men’s Longboard, and $2,500 Women’s Shortboard and $2,500 for Women’s Longboard.

Entry fees are $50 per division for the Men’s, and $30 per division for the Women’s.

To register for the event or for more information regarding REnextop, please contact Tianxiang Wang via email

For information on the Asian Surfing Championships please contact Tim Hain at