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Although the status of the Mount Agung has entered level III (standby), this did not stop Mangku Wayan Badra, from Banjar Palak, Besakih Village from climbing Mount Agung. Mangku Badra got up to the middle of Gunung Agung to take tirta (holy water) Giri Kusuma during the ceremony of Ngaturang Bhakti “Panglempana” which was centered in Pura Pengubengan Wednesday (20/9).

Mangku Badra saw absolutely no signs of change to show that Mount Agung will erupt. “I see no change whatsoever. It stays as it used to be. The grass has not died yet and I see many stars above.” said Mangku Badra, as reported by Bali Post.

According to Mangku Badra, no change has happened to Mount Agung. He said he also does not understand news circulating in the community saying that Mount Agung will erupt. Residents of Besakih do have some trust that if Mount Agung is about to erupt, the animals on Mount Agung will come down and into the homes of the people. “But until now they have not,” said the man from the Banjar Palak.

Furthermore, he said, although he has not felt any change on Mount Agung, he will still follow the instructions given by the government if later he and his citizens are asked to evacuate to a safer place.

“I’ve been informing my people to stay calm and alert. I have also asked residents to pack valuable items that can be taken if we are later instructed to evacuate. But before there is an evacuation order of residents I have asked them to first be silent in their respective homes. If there are orders to evacuate, I will call all residents to to evacuate, “explained the man who also works as a guide on Mount Agung.

Meanwhile, evacuations are continuing in Karangasem, also reported by Bali Post. Villagers from Bhuana Giri Village have been asked to evacuate today, Friday 22/9, following a meeting led by the Emergency Response Task Force which was held yesterday (21/9). Whilst many villagers are evacuating, it is reported that some are reluctant to leave as they are unsure of what to do with their livestock if they do.