June foreign tourist arrivals to Bali a concern to authorities

Image: Tourists on a Bali beach. Credit: welikebali.com The growth rate in foreign tourist arrivals to Bali has been declining since March 2019. June 2019 was one of the worse growth rates, month [...]

Klungkung will charge fee to foreigners visiting Nusa Penida   

Image: Tourists will be charged a fee when going to Nusa Penida. Credit: Nusapenida.com.   Klungkung District Government plans to charge a fee soon to foreign tourists who go to Nusa Penida. [...]

Lebaran extra flight demand drops drastically

Image: The Lebaran security post officially opened at the airport. Credit: bali-airport.com Ngurah Rai International Airport management, Angkasa Pura I, has recorded the lowest extra flight [...]