Bali will not lockdown while in Covid orange zone

Image: Pak Dewa Made Indra. Credit: Pemprov Bali. As has been speculated and discussed over the past days, the central government will impose an Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM), [...]

More on vaccines. Covid-19 vaccine pre-order coming soon.

Image: Indonesian and Chinese officials signing the vaccine deal in August, 2020. Credit: Kyodonews. State owned pharmaceutical company, PT Bio Farma stated yesterday that it is still developing [...]

One week until the new normal opens Bali to locals

Image: Governor Koster. Credit: Pemprov Bali. It is official, next week, Thursday, July 9 the new normal will begin in Bali, but it won’t be a celebration of sorts, it will be a slow [...]

Badung regent inspects infrastructural improvements in Canggu

Image: Giri Prasta and entourage in Canggu. Credit: Facebook. @pemkabbadung. Badung Regent Giri Prasta with an entourage of Badung local government officials were in Canggu, along Jalan [...]

Bali opens in July but only to locals

Image: Beautiful Bali. Credit: Brightsun Travel. The Provincial Government of Bali plans to open tourism on the island in July 2020. However, when it reopens, the tourist attractions in Bali will [...]