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Image: Perenenan shortcut closed at night. Credit: IG @infoperenenan

The Head of Pererenan Village, Made Rai Yasa, said yesterday that there have been too many crimes reported in recent times on the shortcut road that connects Canggu and Pererenan and starting from Thursday night, yesterday, the banjar is limiting its operating times. From now vehicles are forbidden to pass along the road from 11pm to 5am.

In future, if there are any vehicles in Pererenan during those hours wanting to go to Canggu, they will have to pass through the main road.

“It has been well known that there have been many snatchings, robberies, and other criminal acts occurring along that stretch of road that we decided had to stop. Therefore, in order to maintain security and to make it easier to control, we have limited the open hours (of the shortcut),” said Made Rai Yasa to

Yesterday morning, several officers from Pererenan Village started to install signs prohibiting vehicles from passing through the Canggu-Pererenan shortcut.

Made told the press that he expected local residents and tourists to obey these signs to maintain the security and safety of the Pererenan area.

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  • Benoit RÉPESSÉ.

    It would seem that closing down a road will just reduce criminality on that spot while increasing it elsewhere and have the effect of a communicating vase. How about being a little more pro active and reducing criminality altogether with a zero tolerance approach and more investigations and patrols at night time. If it was partially possible under President Soeharto, it should remain possible under a more democratic system, shouldn’t it? When a crime was committed a few years ago, locals would nearly always proudly claim: “ini bukan orang Bali” (this isn’t a Balinese person). Does that still apply? If so, authorities need to apply stricter rules and perhaps exemplary sentences for those caught whatever their origin, and perhaps even stronger penalties for foreigners and a new form of foreign criminality.

  • Mango

    WOW, Bali has negatively changed to the point where local villages have to close roads at night to limit the potential of being a victim of crime. The crime rate in Bali has escalated 900 percent in the last ten years. I remember a girl or lady could be drunk and wearing a bikini walking home from the night club at 2 a.m. and no one would bother her, that was in the early 2000 to 2010. Now you cannot even walk in the evening without someone trying to cut your bag off your arm, steal your password from the ATM and replicate your card, or just snatch your phone out of your hand, etc. etc. Actually, the Balinese people are nowhere to be found now in shops, or at the beach stands. All the people working in Bali are from another island. The local Balinese lost the entire Southern area of Bali to oursiders in business. Fortunately there are many other places than Bali to go and enjoy without crime being so dangerously lurking and risking your safety. When you have to travel and worry about crime, your better off not going there.

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