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Image: Man found dead at his house. Credit: Google Maps.

A Canadian man, David Patrick Rodger, 51, was found dead in his bathroom on Jalan Taman Sari 7, Kerobokan Kelod on Monday (20/8) at around 12 noon.  The police have yet to find the cause of death, but it is presumed to be from a heart attack.

The Head of North Kuta Polsek, Commissioner Johannes Nainggolan, said that police first knew that the man was missing from his friends contacting them after he was absent from the Mahatma Gandhi School, where he worked as a teacher. “They became concerned when they tried to call the man but there was no answer,” the police officer said to

After the man didn’t respond to the calls, his colleagues, I Ketut Mardika, 25, and I Made Ari Sudiarta, 39, asked the police officer on duty at the school to come with them to the victim’s house. When they arrived, they saw the front door was open, but there was no response when they called out. They then contacted the local neighborhood head to open the gate. When they entered the house, they found the man dead in the bathroom. “All the doors were open, including the front door. Finding the victim dead on the bathroom floor, the witnesses reported it directly to North Kuta Polsek,” he said.

The Criminal Investigation Unit coordinated with Badung forensics to check the scene and the initial report said that there was no sign of violence at the scene or on the man’s body. The report also stated that man was found he was already dead two days before being found. “The report said that he had bleeding from the mouth and other parts of the body but they still cannot find the cause. The forensics are still investigating,” he said.