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Now Made with 5-Times Distilled Imported Grains for a Smoother and Lighter Spirit, SKYY® Vodka Unveils A Natural-Forward Expression in Taste and Design


Redefining Vodka since 1992

Since its launch in San Francisco in 1992, SKYY® redefined vodka as the world knew it, helping to pioneer a state-of-the-art production process yielding a superior and smooth-tasting vodka with one of the lowest levels of impurities among its peers. Fueled by the progressiveness of its hometown and respect for cleaner flavours in consumers, SKYY has turned to its natural roots by way of a 5-times distilled process on imported grains, packaged in a sleeker bottling for a true representation of being #BornFromTheBlue.

Evolving for A New Generation of Vodka Drinkers

In formulating this refresh, SKYY recognized an opportunity to evolve its liquid for a new generation of vodka drinkers who gravitate towards lighter, more fresh-tasting drinks, with soda water emerging as the No. 1 mixer[1], and who choose brands with authentic stories tied to their place of origin. Backed by these learnings and motivated by a persistent attention to detail and commitment to quality, what began as one man’s mission to create the perfect martini has now evolved to include the pursuit of a better vodka & soda.

A Fresher Taste, 5 times distilled

The Natural, Sleek New Blue

SKYY’s refreshed packaging design is also inspired by San Francisco’s natural character. The new bottle features a sophisticated and sleek appearance with a lighter, more natural blue tone, ripples and ridges that reflect the waves of the Pacific Ocean, and a restyled white logo. This new packaging design is a natural progression of the SKYY brand, with a more upscale expression that retains key elements of the original, iconic blue bottle.

Inspired by the Coastal Nature

“At SKYY, we saw soda water emerge as the top mixer and quickly recognized an opportunity to transform the vodka category once again by offering our consumers something truly unique and in direct response to their evolved preferences for lighter-, cleaner-, and fresher-tasting drinks,” says Daniel Schwalb, Managing Director of South Asia The Campari Group. “Together with our collective of experts, we created a liquid that expresses itself across all elements of our brand. It is with great pride that we announce the new evolution of SKYY, a refresh inspired by the coastal nature that our team has worked meticulously to perfect.”



Recipe ingredients: 

  • 60 ml      SKYY Vodka
  • 120ml     Premium soda water

Recipe instructions: 

  • Build in a tall glass over plenty of ice
  • Stir gently to mix
  • Garnish with a long lemon peel


It comes as no surprise that SKYY® Vodka chooses to premier in Bali as its first launch destination – the island of Gods itself being a true embodiment of the SKYY spirit: where the turquoise blue of the ocean meets the vibrant blue of the sky. The best sunsets are to be enjoyed in Bali, as beach clubs and all-day cocktail bars benefit from the daily golden hours.

Set to be a Game-Changer

Made from imported grains, 5 times distilled with the premium quality, SKYY is looking to be a game-changer in the Indonesia vodka landscape. The new identity and package design will roll out across Indonesia market from June onwards. The relaunch will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign featuring #BornFromTheBlue in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogjakarta and Semarang.

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