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The Badung Regional government is not only preparing tougher sanctions for cigarette smokers, who violate smoke free zones, but also businesses that do not provide a designated smoking place.

As reported by Bali Post, the Chairman of the Special Committee for Smoke Free Zones, Ida Bagus Sunartha, said that based on a recent Special Committee Meeting sanctions given to companies that do not provide a smoking area will be heavier than sanctions for smokers.

“For smokers, when they are caught smoking outside the place provided they will be facing an imprisonment of three months and a maximum fine of Rp 25 million. (The original story stated 50 million, but below says 25 million. Ed). Meanwhile, companies that do not provide a place to smoke will be facing six-months and a fine of Rp 50 million,” said IB Sunartha.

According to him, these sanctions are deliberately tough so that people do not smoke in places carelessly and it is expected that with these smoke free zones smokers in Badung regency will become more orderly. “We deliberately made the rules tough, so that the public will become more disciplined and as is well documented smoking is clearly damaging to the health,” he said.

Sunartha also explained that although there are the smoke free zones, there must also be a place prepared for smoking. Therefore, the PDI-P politician asked all private companies and government departments and offices, and green open spaces to have a place to smoke, except gas stations, schools and hospitals. These smoking areas should also have ashtrays.

“If the company does not provide a special place to smoke, then the owner can be charged with heavy sanctions,” he said.

Implementation of this smoke free zone regulation will be conducted directly by the Health Office and Civil Service Police Unit.

“Smokers can be sanctioned up to Rp 25 million and three months imprisonment,” he concluded.



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  • Ling Mei Lie

    I personally happy with this regulation. But…
    About smoke free zones.
    Which zone? Where?
    Does policemen strictly do this regulation if a conflict happened between smoker and non smoker on smoke free zones?
    Badung only ?

  • Benjamin James Smith

    ha, i would love to see the enforcement of this, no chance

  • Ian Johansson

    Is Mount Agung in a Smoking Area?

  • Glenn Hepburn

    Hopefully it gets enforced…

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