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A motorcycle gang were back in action last Sunday (04/06), this time in broad daylight at 12.30pm in front of Visnoe Restaurant on Bypass Ngurah Rai, South Denpasar. The perpetrators accosted three victims: Natalia (30) whose bag got stolen; Alicia (30), a Canadian whose motorbike was taken; and Zamzam Catur Kurniawan (35) who got cut as a result of trying to help.

According to Bali Post, the incident started when Natalia was riding home from work on her Honda Scoopy. As she was passing the intersection of Bypass Ngurah Rai – Pemelisan heading west, two men on a Suzuki FU motorcycle closed in on her from the side and grabbed her bag and the cell phone that was on her dashboard.

“The victim screamed and went after the robbers,” said an unidentified source. “After passing the traffic light at Pesanggaran intersection, in front of Visnoe Restaurant, she purposely crashed into the robbers’ motorbikes and they both fell.”

Then Natalia got up and screamed for help. That’s when Kurniawan came onto the scene to help the victim, but he got slashed on his left arm by a machete wielded by one of the perpetrators. Afterwards, the robbers stopped Alicia who was passing on her motorbike and threatened her with the machete before taking off with her motorbike and escaping west.

“The suspects were tall, thin, and were wearing a blue shirt and black jacket. The victim, Natalia, is now still under medical treatment at Sanglah Hospital because she fractured the bone on her right arm,” said the source.

Bangkit Dananjaya, head of the crime division from South Denpasar Police, confirmed the incident. “We are still investigating the case and collecting witnesses,” Dananjaya said. “There is CCTV in the location but the footage is a bit unclear.”