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Bali Hotels Association would like to take this opportunity to respond to, and clarify details which appeared in a story aired by Channel 9 News Australia’s A Current Affair (ACA) presented by Tracy Grimshaw and shared on 10th November 2020 via social media . The story showed a hotel in the Legian area that was portrayed as trashed, wrecked and deserted. The news was also implying that all hotels are like this in Bali and that the island is worn and torn. Which is far from the truth.

This type of misleading news has the potential to create a negative image towards the destination, thus we would like to ensure what has been reported and portrayed in the news circulated on social media from ACA program by Channel 9 Australia is based on facts and not assumptions made by the presenter and some of those interviewed.

Based on the information received by BHA, the hotel, which is not a Bali Hotels Association member, portrayed in the news has been closed due a change in owners and undergoing renovation in some parts of the hotel area at the moment and is scheduled to be re-opened in 2021.

Like any other countries which are also affected by the pandemic, our central and local government is assisting the hospitality industry by granting funds which will be used to continue operating their business and paying their employee salaries. There are strict guidelines and full transparent administration procedures that each company has to follow to make sure that the grants allocated are used for what they were intended for.

It has been a difficult time for all of us in the tourism industry all over the world, and Bali, is no exception. Our membership of over 150 hotels and resorts in Bali, provides us with a very solid overview of what is happening here in Bali.

Bali Hotels Association continues to ensure its 157 member hotels and resorts are kept informed and are supporting the Indonesian Government policies as well as local government initiatives in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

All tourism stakeholders are encouraged to complete the local and national CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety & Environmental sustainability) certification requirements by Indonesian Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy and the Indonesian Health Ministry.

Bali Hotels Association now have close to 100 member hotels and resorts that have officially completed the verification or in the process of the verfiication process.

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