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A Belgian tourist, Denis Andre Dasoul, 34, died after being struck by lightning while surfing on Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu on Sunday afternoon.

The man had been lodged at Villa Ngeluwungan, Jalan Pantai Pererenan, Mengwi.

North Kuta police went to the scene after receiving a report related to the incident. A witness, Gede Sugeng Pitnawa, 33, stated that he sat on the seashore at 2.15pm watching the victim finish a training session with his surfing instructor.

While they surfed in front of the Batu Bolong temple, lightning suddenly struck the pair and they were both knocked off their surfboards and fell into the water.

Tourists and local people around the scene came to their rescue and took them to Canggu Medika by ambulance.

Both victims were sent to Sanglah Hospital at around 2.45pm.

“The chest of the victim turned blue and he possibly died on the way to the hospital. His instructor’s left thigh also turned blue,” the witness told

Based on information from an employee of Villa Ngeluwungan, Banjar Pengembungan, Perenenan, the victim checked in on Saturday and was checking out on Monday. The victim checked in with a woman named Alliason Simone, 31, also from Belgium.

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  • Angie Bryce

  • Sisilia Hague


  • Carla Niteflight

  • Jolande Koelewyn

    Surfing in a thunderstorm is playing Russian roulette sorry someone has to die like this

    • Keko

      There were no thunderstorms, just one single lightning and a bit of rain what you can’t even call rain, my salon is based 5 minutes from where this happend so i can tell you there were no thunderstorms at all!!!! Don’t judge to fast it’s already sad enough for them who lost their son, brother, cousin or nephew because of this!!!!!! Ik wens de familie heel veel sterkte toe in deze moeilijke tijden…. ( zou jij ook moeten doen ipv oordelen Jolande)

    • Chris

      You stupid fucking idiot! This was an innocent man a friend of mine on a surfing lesson and the weather changed very quickly.
      Know the facts before you comment next time you fucking idiot!

      • N. T.

        Slow down there ghost rider. Just like she jumped to the conclusion there was a lightning storm in the area, you jumped all over her for being ignorant of all the facts. Did your school teachers call you a fucking idiot when you had the wrong answer on a test. Or were skipping school to catch some tubular waveage bra?

  • David Eagles

    Holly molly. My son said dad I’m getting out if there is lightning. I said it highly unlikely going to hit him.

    • Fendi ten Hoeve

      Your son as fortunately wiser than you are. And you are courageous to admit your mistake.

  • Dorothy

    Thoughts go out to the Belgian lady and her boyfriends family. So very sad, hope he instructormakes a good recovery and stays clear of water in storms. Really sorry to hear this tragic loss.

  • Arinda Hoffland

    The information is not right. Very poor article!

    • Stuart

      So what is the truth?

      • Arinda Kurniawan-Hoffland

        As I was at the scene (just came out of the water as I was surfing as well) started doing CPR right away and mouth to mouth. Most people were moved away to get us (four people) space to do CPR. After doing around 10 rounds of CPR and mouth to mouth he started puging so I couldn’t do mouth to mouth anymore. We opened the rash guard (t-shirt) as we hoped for a shock machine – nowhere to be found. When opening the t-shirt the chest wasn’t blue at all… after doing CPR for over 40 minutes the doctor arrived and took him to the ambulance. He died already when we were doing CPR. So… that’s the story.

  • Titin Dewitansa

    Desude Bali Surf Gede Arya Dauh Lolak Imade Hati2 BRURR…..

  • Mitch Mccourt

    Allison my name is Mitch I was with you on the beach I am so sorry my sweet for your loss my number is in your phone please contact me if there is anything I can do to help

  • mark baker

    so very sad… a freak accident …not predictable…ppl came up to beachgarden shocked and crying immediately after this…ours and Canggu condolonces to the family and friends of this young man..

  • Laurence Manners

    Condolences to Belgians family in their loss.Hope instructor makes quick recovery.

  • shaunO

    My 2 friends and I were surfing in what turned out to be a lightning storm of epic beauty in Costa Rica last month. RIP, and as a surfer, I wish this guy had had more surfing experiences before this tragedy. Such a sad story, and I feel like such a fool considering I knew damn well what the possibilities were. This is just tragic.

  • Maria

    Please all surfing people, beware of the weather, rain season is coming. When dark clouds are coming, please go out of the water! Voor familie, partner en vrienden van het slachtoffer, veel sterkte met dit zware verlies.

  • J. T.

    If they were in the middle of the water without any chance of bad weather and still got struck by a bolt of lightning there must have been a supernatural influence.

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