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Batik Air, the premium airline from Lion Air Group, debuted their new Denpasar – Perth route on Wednesday. Attending the inaugural flight was Batik Air’s Director, Capt. Achmad Luthfie, who was accompanied by the Director General for Air Transportation from the Ministry of Transportation, a representative for the Ministry of Tourism, and stakeholders of Ngurah Rai Airport.

Batik Air’s Denpasar – Perth flight will depart twice a day, at 12.55 pm and 8.40pm. “The trip will take around 3,5 hours,” said Capt. Luthfie, as quoted by Tribun Bali. “We choose Perth because there are many Indonesians who choose it as one of their top destinations, and vice versa with many people from Perth visiting Bali.”

Luthfie added that the new route is also meant to support the government’s aim to attract 20 million visitors this year. Up to now, Batik Air has flown to more than 36 domestic and international destinations with 49 planes making up to 250 flights each day.