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Image: Pak Dewa Made Indra. Credit: Pemprov Bali.

As has been speculated and discussed over the past days, the central government will impose an Emergency Community Activity Restriction (PPKM), as the COVID-19 cases rise around the archipelago, but not in Bali.

“The implementation of the emergency PPKM is not general, but is set case by case, area per area depending on the levels of COVID-19, which is not spread evenly,” said the Daily Chair of the Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force (GTPP), Dewa Made Indra at a press conference on Wednesday evening (30/06).

He said, the PPKM should indeed be implemented in areas with red zones. “Emergency PPKM is a policy that applies in the Red zones, Bali is an Orange zone, so we do not enter the emergency PPKM,” he added.

“People have not been active for a long time, it’s been 1.5 years already. We don’t reject the emergency PPKM as a policy, that’s not what it means, but if we can avoid it, let’s avoid it,” he said.

“The most important thing now is that we don’t let Bali enter the red zone,” he added.

However, his party invites the entire community to increase awareness and professional discipline to reduce COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, based on data from the Bali Province COVID-19 Task Force, Tuesday (29/06) yesterday, there were 238 cases with a recovery rate of 102, 1 person died, and 1,599 are still being treated.

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  • BaliRob

    The Covid figures mean nothing unless one realises that all of the deaths through starvation and suicide far surpass the deaths officially recorded as from Codid19. The absolute misery here being experienced by the less fortunate who see no future for themselves is harrowing.. Most of those of us that were using our savings to feed indiginous people have now run out. Islanders from outside are running amok attacking women alone in their kosts and in the street and it is frightening! The only good feature I can report is that the Police are doing a wonderful job in nearly always making many arrests in each case – congratulations to them. What is being overlooked – because of the returning hordes from Rhamadan totally ignoring advice – is that now it has made it so difficult for GENUINE family members to be together – especially where one of them may be working on another island.. Police in Java have taken it upon themselves to turn back thousands of non-Rhamadan returnees
    one of which was known to me who killed herself without hope when she was so detained. I can, and have done so continuously, said that it is not Covid19 that is killing our people but the EFFECTS upon the economy and the unessessary restrictions being imposed. I know that the Government has an almost impossible task and that other so-called First World countries have performed even worse than ourselves – but all should remember that if the cure is worse than the illness – it is time to take another look at the methods being used

  • JD

    I think Bali needs to look away from tourism from future growth. The chances of a full tourist return in the next 2 years are very small, despite all Mr Uno’s announcements. Try looking at more efficient farming, or manufacturing. You could even try becoming a tech hub.

  • BaliRob

    An Addendum to my post above – We were told that Bali is not under Lockdown – NOT TRUE – because from Saturday midnight or earlier nobody can travel back to Bali – EVEN AFTER HAVING HAD TO TAKE TWO SWAB TESTS IN TWO DAYS – travelling hundreds of kilos by taxi – who will
    refund these costs. Over the past 17 months Indonesians have been cheated and used as pawns in a very expensive game of RESTRICTIONS.
    Time to bring back NORMALITY and deal with the outbreaks as they occur. BUT YES – all the time maintaining health protocols until the last
    case of COVID19 and its Variants are beaten. Btw – the costs incurred in the above case amounted to 2 x 350k swab tests and 4 x taxi
    journeys at 400k = 2.3 MILLION IDR

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