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Image: Cok Ace addresses a meeting in Denpasar. Credit:

Bali is hoping to design a ‘new’ tourism protocol, which will make the safety and health of visiting tourists the priority. This is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, and Bali tourism looks set to enter a new era post Covid-19.

This was revealed after a meeting of the Covid-19 Impact Management and Recovery Acceleration Team led by Bali Deputy Governor, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) in the Vice Governor’s meeting room, Niti Mandala in Denpasar on Tuesday (12/5).

Deputy Chairperson of the Covid-19 Impact Handling and Recovery team, I Gusti Agung Rai Suryawijaya, who was contacted by yesterday afternoon, stated that much was discussed in the meeting which took place from 9am to 1pm yesterday. “Specifically concerning tourism, we must prepare Bali for post Covid-19,” said Rai Suryawijaya.”In the event Bali tourism could get moving earlier, everything has to be prepared, including a new health protocol or SOP,” he added.

This protocol, he said, is very important in order to not allow Bali tourism to be hit again by a second wave of Covid-19 as was recently experienced in several other countries. “This needs to be anticipated and prepared. The hotels have to have their own SOP, the airlines too. The ODTW, or tourist objects also must have it. Each of them must be made and become the new norm in tourism,” said Rai Suryawijaya.

Contacted separately, the Head of the Bali Tourism Board, Putu Astawa stated much the same as his colleague. “The direction of the meeting was to prepare an SOP for a new era of Bali tourism,” he said. This means that tourists who will come to Bali, will feel safe, comfortable and will have guaranteed health conditions.

“For example, the protocol at a hotel, or airport must be complete with a health and body temperature check and so on,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bali Deputy Governor Cok Ace said that with Bali’s positive progress in handling the Covid-19 situation it is expected to be the first destination to be opened for tourism. “That’s the hope of the central government. Of course, we in Bali must study the situation very carefully,” Cok Ace said.

It was also discussed that Bali had to be careful and take all factors into account before opening up the tourism areas again. “Even when we open, how we open tourism is still being discussed. Will it be like tourism before, or do we cluster several places or areas to open first,” he said.

Because, he said, it certainly will not be like before the Covid-19 pandemic. “When it is open, we won’t want to ruin what we’ve achieved until now (in handling Covid-19),” he said.

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  • Shayne William

    Open the beaches. That is your main attraction

  • hadodi

    unfortunately you are not even able to keep the environment free of plastic rubbish. how will you do the other?

    • editor

      Bali has never been so clean as what it is now. After the ban on plastic last year and the months of very little tourism this year it has become almost pristine. See you again soon

      • Gabriele

        Ban on plastic? You must be joking. Plastic bags are back almost everywhere. So is styropor for takeaway or food delivery.

        • editor

          You must be on a different island, sir.

  • J.McManus

    Bali needs a protocol as to whom it allows to enter to prevent poor quality Tourists such as Singapore in the 1960’s when Tourists had to prove they had sufficient money and proof of accommodation and an outward ticket.
    Long hair was prohibited and respectable dress was required, not thongs and singlets .
    Follow the example of Singapore and prevent Bali returning to the downmarket cheap and nasty destination
    it had become before the Virus.
    Bali this is your chance to remake your reputation which has been trashed through shocking traffic,filthly beaches the Chinese coming in the millions spending nothing in Bali on pre paid tours and the worst of the worst Tourists whose behaviour ruined Bali’s reputation internationally .
    DO IT BALI !!!

  • David W Heath

    Mr Editor, with respect, rubbish should never be attributed to just on sector. The subaks and corresponding carik drains do not lie. I see it daily. My sampa conscious neighbours have even resorted to burning used truck tyres to disperse illegal “over the wall” dumping. Progress?

  • Barry Grossman

    The credibility factor in all these offical announcments about managing the crisis here is, with all due respect, woefully low.

    Today I learned that at least some local doctors are telling people who come to them with fever, fatigue and other syptoms consistent with Cornavirus, that they do not have any indications of thev rius but may have Dengue Fever and that they should come back in a few days if they do not recover. So far this weeks, three workers on my building project who, living on site and following all the prescribed protocals, have fallen ill, were each given the same spiel by a doctor my project manager took them too.

    This is all the more disturibing when you consider that only a about a week ago one of Indonesia’s leading virologists expressed doubts about corona related stats in Bali and suggested that, with a sudden outbreak of some 2100 Dengue cases in Bali, many Corona cases might be beng miscategorized as Dengue Fever.

    The probelem is, there seems to be no competet authority to turn to and most people are understandably cocnerned about going to hostpital without being aflfficted with Coronavirus only to contract the virus after being put in medical confinement because their symptoms are consistent with, but not prooof of having contracted Corna Virus.

    The official postion on Mudik has also been woeful, wih conflicting messages being given by official statements that has left most Javanese workers feelingthey will have no problem getting across to java for Lebaran and back again after that.

  • Thomas V.

    The Beaches all along the West Bali National park are totally overloaded with plastic trash since many month.
    There is no improvement to see since there is a plastic ban. I still receive my stuff always packed in plastic bags when shopping and always must explain that it all ends up in the ocean when denying the packing. Next step after plastic bags and straws must be to limit the minimum size for water containers to a minimum size of at least 0.5 later or even better one litter. On the beach you find MILLIONS of plastic cups/containers with only 0.1l water…and everything else from styrofoam to diapers, sandals, glas bottles and light bulbs. It’s terrible. If you clean the beach one day the same amount of rubbish arrives the next day again endles Sisyphus work.
    When go around the area with bicycle you see everywhere people on bridges throwing their rubbish from their motorbike into the rivers below. Thats a standard procedure due to the lack of proper rubbish management all over Bali. This need to have an end soon or the tourism never will come back on the scale it is needed for the people here. I agree to the fullest with the comments above that Bali should now no longer attract the low budget tourist that just destroy the image and the culture of that still beautiful island.
    Will I see this necessary progress here…. probably not in my live span 🙁

  • Anna

    My Neighbor is burung plastic Almost every day, what about That? I asked help to the Banjar but they Said That i have to be patient as its hard to change the habit of older Balinese, after2 years still trying to get them to understand Without success! What to do please help !!
    I think it should be fined, may be having to pay for the wrong doing?!

  • Arthur

    Is that the best they can come up with.To be competitive in the future it needs a bigger vision of what the world cares about. Open drains, dirty everything and poor rubbish collections are not going to be what guests come to see.
    A infrastructure stimulus package which employs the out of work people could be used .
    Places like Ubud can use this time to fix some of the problems there. Footpaths can be widened incorporating public seating and hardscape. Traffic issues have to be solved and much more.
    If I Indonesia rushes back to wanting big returns quickly instead of going the slower route of building quality it will be out of step with what the future tourists demands are.

    • Steve Martin

      Open the beaches, the most healthy place in Bali.

  • larry

    Please upen up serangen to public surfing itd the go to place to surf in the winter!!!! we all miss it thank you….

  • John Dietrich

    I do hope testing protocol will be in place for all those entering Bali temperature check is not enough! So many people are asymptomatic

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