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Being born and raised in Seminyak, Bali, hasn’t hurt Inka Williams in becoming a world-wide fashion influencer. Having more than 870k followers on Instagram probably helps too. Speaking of numbers, the young lady was born on a fortuitous day, September 9, 1999, a number, as reported by Tempo, which matches her uniqueness in every way.

The French-Australian mixed Inka Williams was called the Gigi Hadid of Bali by Vogue magazine. Gigi Hadid’s a very popular American model for those not in the know.

Williams started modeling two years ago, and now she has finished school, plans to move to London in May to model full time.

Vogue commented that you can tell that Williams was raised in paradise—her attitude is all Zen. But don’t mistake her for a beach bum. No way! This savvy girl already has a beachwear line and while spending most of her time barefoot and in bikinis, Williams is a diehard fashion fan – not to mention all the Instagram endorsements etc.

Inka spoke about her life and fashion on the island of Bali in the latest edition of Vogue magazine commenting that dressing up for house parties, digging for vintage gold, and her hometown’s no-judgment policy has made her the girl she is today. Bali may be a long way from cities like New York or Los Angeles, but to Williams (and to many people here on the island), it’s as cool as any fashion capital around the world. After all, she’s the one leading the style charge, proving that an It girl can be found anywhere on the planet—even paradise.

She’s one of our own Bali kids, now a world-wide Instagram darling and sort-after model. Here are a few pics off her Instagram account via Tempo.