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Image: Tegan Martin yesterday promoting skin care products on her IG story. Credit: Instagram. Text: Ketut Memberita

Former Australian Miss Universe 2014, Tegan Martin, 26, was reported to have said that she couldn’t go home to Australia because of a damaged passport last week. She posted the story on her Instagram account and the post and story went viral around the world after an Australian media outlet, published it on their site with a headline “Former Miss Universe Australian stranded in Bali because of damp passport” on June 21, 2019.

The Australian media also captured the passport image of Tegan’s Instagram story with the caption “Wasn’t allowed on my flight due to this watermark in the corner of my passport. Has this happened to anyone else?” and said that because of the incident, the Australian model could not go home to Australia to attend a charity event in Sydney that night. Tegan also said on her Instagram that she was forced to stay longer in Bali.

The Head of Ngurah Rai Immigration, Amran Rais decided to offer the press immigration’s side of the news on Sunday. He explained at a press conference that Tegan arrived in Indonesia on June 17, 2019. He said he had received information that she had been advised by Jetstar Airways general manager in Sydney to replace her passport with a new one the day before her flight to Bali because her passport was in a poor condition.

“The Jestar general manager suggested to replace the passport with a new one a day before she went to Indonesia,” said Amran to Amran said the passport that Tegan presented to immigration when she arrived was new and was dated June 17, 2019, the same day when she arrived in Indonesia. Amran also said that his side hadn’t seen the replaced passport. “She was allowed to enter with her new passport and until now we haven’t seen the older passport,” he added.

Amran confirmed that Tegan is still in Bali (till Sunday), because her name hasn’t appeared on our outward bound data. “She is still in Bali. We couldn’t find her name in the data, so we would know if she had departed already. For that, we can clarify that Immigration hasn’t decline or delayed her departure,” Amran concluded.

The Immigration General Director of Law and Human Rights Ministry, Ronny Sompie, also clarified at the press con that there hadn’t been any incident involving an Australian citizen not being allowed to leave Bali because of a damaged passport since June 10, 2019. He also denied that his team had asked a penalty fee of USD 5,000. “I am sure it’s an effort to build a negative opinion about Bali immigration services,” he said to on Sunday. Ronny surmised that the decline may have occurred when she checked in at the airline counter. A new ruling this year states that airlines will be charged $5000 if they allow passengers to depart for Indonesia with damaged passports.

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  • Dave

    Just another reason NOT to go to passport was when 7.5 months in date before expiry ..its got to be 6months..i was staying 1 month…so would still be 6.5 months when i was to leave..and they wete going to deny me entry!@!!!

  • Dave

    If you have a new passport why would you bother to show old one?

    • Ketut M

      Check the ST Facebook page for some suggestions

  • Jim

    Bali’s reputation is going from worse to worse .

    • Sooz

      Bali’s reputation? It’s seems they have done nothing wrong here and little Miss Universe is telling porky pies. No doubt for social media attention. Perhaps Cinderella just didn’t want to go to the ball.

  • Teddy

    In fairness to Bali Immigration officers very very few people have problems entering or leaving the province. I have been in and out dozens of times and have been greeted every time by a friendly officer. Suggest you try the Air Asia airport in Bangkok where passengers regularly miss their flights due to waitng up to almost 3 hours at Immigration ..

    • zzzx

      it’s because who working in airport major from java not balinese poople,so they have many defferent ruler and money games just want you to pay more from small problem no pay no mercy its ruler immigration in here.

  • ITK

    Non story really isn’t it. Just another self centred media bitch wanting to spend more time in Bali creates excuse to stay longer and miss some engagements, only to find it backfires on her. Can we call that ‘Media Karma’ or ‘Karma Media’?

  • Bob

    Indonesian immigration damaged my passport…they clipped a boarding pass to a page and obviously when they took it off ,just tried to yank it …took a piece of the passport page with it..!!!!…Yeah terrific job
    ..i was asked about it by Singapore immigration recently and after telling them Indonesian Immigration done it ,he shook his head and let me through…

  • bob Clinton

    been to Bali plenty of times lived there for 2 years also found the immigrations officer’s great

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