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Bali is currently hosting the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (Insarag), with representatives from 58 countries in attendance. The group meetings are on from 18-20 October, 2017

Insarag is a global rescue network under the auspices of the United Nations. The organization aims to provide guidelines, standards and methodologies for disaster management, especially in densely populated urban areas where natural disasters can cause large numbers of casualties.

Director of Operations at Indonesia’s National SAR Agency (Basarnas), Brigadier General Ivan Ahmad Rizki Titus said that the group has an important role in emergency response during disasters.

“With the vision of delivering efficient and credible SAR operations and the mission of conducting an effective and safe SAR operation, Basarnas is committed to being a leader in disaster management and natural disasters to save lives and minimize risks,” he said, as reported by Nusa Bali

The purpose of this event is to improve the operational capability of SAR urban teams throughout the world by providing international SAR urban assistance. It also serves as a forum for discussion of technical issues through best practice and training based on SAR urban training materials beforehand, hoping to find solutions to problems related to operations and training based on field experience.

Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika said that the Bali Provincial Government welcomes the event of Insarag in Bali. He said the meeting was happening at the right time, with the current status of Mount Agung.

“To face this it requires energy and expertise in the field of search and rescue. The presence of Basarmas is very important if Mount Agung really erupts. I appreciate the implementation of Insarag in Bali,” he said.

Pastika hoped that the presence of representatives from 58 countries in Insarag could also share information to their countries that Bali is safe. To this end, he invites the participants to visit different areas of Bali.

“They know how disaster management is done. Good management of government, logistics, refugees, and other management. Because with good management, we can minimize casualties, both human and material casualties. These are the benefits that can be obtained from this Insarag activity,” said Pastika.

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