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The Bali Provincial Government has welcomed Danone-Aqua’s move to make a 100% recycled plastic bottle. Danone-Aqua claims the product, made from polyethylene therepthalate (rPET) or recycled PET, is the first in Indonesia.

As has been cited before, the active involvement of business in maintaining the environment, especially the management of plastic waste, is very important to create a circular economy and provide added value to each part of the supply chain. In other words, finding a way to recycle the plastic.

According to an article in, this innovation will help contribute to the government’s efforts to reduce plastic waste in the ocean by 70% by 2025.

“We, the Bali Provincial Government, highly appreciate business people who are committed to preserving the environment through the protection of water resources by planting trees and various efforts such as this one carried out by the Danone-Aqua,” said Head of Waste Management, Bali Environment Agency, I Dewa Gede Surahardi at the launch of a 100% recycled bottle at Hotel W, Seminyak, Bali, on Friday (2/15/2019).

The Bali Provincial Government hopes that all industry players will emulate the steps of Danone-Aqua to play an active role in packaging recycling in an effort to maintain the sanctity and harmony of nature.

Danone Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Director, Karyanto Wibowo said, the launch was part of the implementation of #bijakplastik (plastic wisdom) launched by Danone-Aqua in mid-2018.

“This commitment focuses on three pillars to answer the challenges of plastic waste in Indonesia,” he told The three pillars are infrastructure development, consumer education and product innovation.

To make the program a success, the company collects plastic waste in the community. Every year the company collects 12,000 tons of plastic waste which is then processed into recycled packaging.

Danona-Aqua plans to apply this step to 50% of their packaging products by 2025.

For the time being, Aqua 100% recycled bottles will only be distributed in Bali. People will be able to get them in supermarkets, hotels, cafes and selected restaurants starting this month, February 2019.