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Recent headlines about dog satay being sold to unsuspecting tourists on the island has sent people from the Department of Animal Husbandry out into the field to verify its accuracy.

According to Republika, the Head of the Department, I Putu Sumantra, stated that they haven’t found any such case, and expressed his concern regarding the news which, if proven to be true, might tarnish the image of tourism in Bali.

“We immediately coordinated with village councils and investigated the location where the alleged dog satay was sold,” Sumantra said. “But up to now, we have not found anyone who is offering it.”

He also revealed that eating dog meat can be lethal since it might contain cyanide (the drug of choice to poison the dogs), but he remained cautious about the issue. “Who gave away the information? We are worried that there are hidden intentions in spreading the issue.”

Sumantra asked the public to be vigilant regarding the case, especially since dog meat is not included in animal-based food ingredients.

He also veered away to the topic of rabies in Bali, one of the long-standing problems in Bali since 2008. The Bali government has done all they can to contain the matter, which includes mass vaccinations, sweeping, selective elimination, and tight supervision of the transporting of animals that are prone to rabies.