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Bali foreign tourist visits are still dominated by Chinese, Australian, Indian, Japanese and British tourists. However, the number of tourist visits from those countries dropped in February, except for India, which increased 8.66 percent if compared with February 2018.

The Head of Bali Statistics Center (BPS), I Gede Nyoman Subadri, SE, said that the number of foreign tourists who visited Bali in February 2019 totaled 437,537, which was a drop of 3.99 percent from January 2019. The visits were still dominated by Chinese tourists with 28 percent, Australians second with 15.42 percent, and followed by India with six percent.

“The data showed that foreign tourist visits in February 2019 were dominated by Chinese, Australia, Indian, Japan and British tourists,” he said to But also said that the visits from four of those countries actually dropped when compared to the data of February 2018. The Chinese dropped 14.57 percent, Australians dropped 4.69 percent and Japanese dropped 4.54 percent, while British tourist visits dropped 3.94 percent.

Subadri explained that in the last four years, since 2016, the data shows a trend that the number of visits in February have generally dropped if compared with the number of visits in January, except for 2018 when Mount Agung erupted. “At that time, the number of visits was dropping since September 2017, then gradually increased, jumping in February 2018,” he said.

Meanwhile, the number of foreign tourist arrivals in January and February 2019 increased 10.21 percent if it was compared with the number of visits during January and February 2018. “If we can maintain the growth, I am sure we can reach the target of 6 million foreign tourist visits this year,” he concluded.

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  • dedublya

    Could it be as simple as School Holiday time for all Australians is mid December to late January? Been these months for plus 60 years.!

  • GECH

    If the numbers increased this year vs. last year that is easy since last year the Mt. Agung effect was in place thus this is not any indication . My. Agung had an impact until April May last year if not more so it’s not good to compare this period.

  • Hakon Eugen Gustavsen

    Compares are a very complex and sensitive . I would be careful blaming anything particular in connection to revealed numbers any year.Terimah kasih.

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