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The Bali Hotel Association released a statement from the Bali Health Department this afternoon refuting claims found recently in the foreign media that there was an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis on the island.

The BHA statement says that there was only one case back in January 2018, that was later found to be negative, and an extensive vaccination program during April for children from nine months to 15 years old.

As quoted by BHA, the head of the Bali Department of Health today reported that:

  1. There is a false information regarding disease outbreak in Bali.
  2. In January 2018 there was only one reported case with negative test result and no death reported.
  3. Between 1 – 30 April 2018 there were 101, 78% of children from the age of 9 – 15 years old who have been vaccinated.
  4. There are prevention programs ongoing such as regular vaccination programs and mosquito control in the community.

The original Health Department statement is here