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New positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali increased by six people on Friday (5/15), but the additional positive cases were lower than the additional number of cured cases on the same day.

From the data at midday yesterday, the total number of positive Covid-19 cases so far recorded in Bali is now 343 people. The six yesterday consisted of three Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) and three local transmissions (infected in the Bali area).

Meanwhile, the patients recovering are getting higher every day. The cumulative positive cases of Covid-19 healed in Bali so far is currently 232 cases. There were an additional eight people pronounced cured yesterday.

The deceased from Covid-19 complications remains at four people – two Indonesians and two foreigners.

This information was related by video conference from the central government spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Achmad Yurianto, yesterday, who said the handling must continue to be effective in the field in order to suppress new cases and reduce mortality.

Bangli quarantine finishes

Yesterday, the 14 day quarantine in three banjars of Abuan Village, Bangli came to an end, but residents were asked to continue following the protocol to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Starting today, the quarantine area of ​​Abuan Village has been terminated, so the community can return to their activities, but they have to keep to the new normal, which is a situation where the community can carry out activities, but still keep to the Covid-19 protocol,” Bali Regional Secretary (Sekda) Dewa Made Indra through a written statement on Friday (05/15).

Although the quarantine of this area has been declared revoked, Indra stressed, residents still must follow the Covid-19 protocol set by the government. This applies to everyone on the island until Bali is declared free of the Corona virus.

“One of the most important factors in ensuring this (being Corona virus free) is controlling local transmission. If there are still local transmissions, it means that there are still people who are not yet disciplined in implementing the prevention protocols. At present there are still local transmissions, including in Bangli. That is why I ask everyone to remain vigilant,” Indra said.

Dozens of Bali police personnel who have been carrying out guard duty securing the entrances of the village have been withdrawn. However, they are still being kept alert to back up Bangli security. The community soup kitchen was also taken away, which had kept the 2,640 residents of the area fed for the past 14 days at a cost of almost one billion Rupiah according to Bali Post.

Fake Corona Free Certificate Makers Arrested

Bali police arrested three people making fake health certificates on Thursday. The perpetrators sold the fake health certificate to people trying to pass through Gilimanuk Port. The three were arrested on Thursday (5/14) at around 12.30am in Gilimanuk Village. “The perpetrators were found distributing health certificates that were allegedly fake to passengers of a Mas Mas Bus,” Bali Police Head of Public Relations Commissioner Syamssi said in a statement on Friday (05/15). They were allegedly selling the letters to travelers from Rp 50,000 – 100,000 until police discovered a false document and tracked down the culprits. The three perpetrators are being held at Gilimanuk Port Police HQ.


More on Bali’s reopening

Further to the ST story on Wednesday about Bali reopening, Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani, was at a coordination meeting for the preparation of the tourism recovery in Bali, in the governor of Bali’s office on Thursday (5/14). Meeting with Vice Governor Cok Ace, she informed reporters that there are already programs prepared that are being split into two periods this year.

First being June-October, referred to as a period of ‘gaining confidence’, which includes the preparation and revitalization of destinations, planning promotional programs and assistance to tourism stakeholders.

“Starting from October 2020, there will be a period called ‘appealing’, with the gradual opening of tourism destinations, following strict health protocols, promotions, organizing events and a MICE roadshow and media campaigns,” she added.

The recovery steps include developing standard operating procedures (SOP) related to health, hygiene and safety standards. To that end, the central tourism department will implement a Cleanliness, Health, and Safety (CHS) program in each tourism destination around the country and other locations related to tourism and the creative economy. “The CHS movement aims to increase tourist confidence in Indonesia’s tourism destinations and industry after Covid-19,” as quoted by

Thus, continued Giri Adnyani, Indonesian tourism is expected to be able to return to normal by 2021.

Meanwhile, Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati stated at the same meeting that he hoped that tourism in Bali will not be opened simultaneously, but should start in Nusa Dua first.

“Although many tourists are already missing Bali, we should open ITDC in Nusa Dua first. Given that the area is already physically isolated, far from settlements and with complete facilities,” he said.

He also added, other tourist spots in Bali could be opened gradually if the Covid-19 trend around the world had flattened to zero percent. Tourism spots like Tanah Lot in Tabanan or Monkey Forest in Ubud.

He believes, Bali will be ready to accept more tourists after the pandemic ends.

“Because Bali has proven to always rise after these incidents, such as the Bali bombings and the eruption of Mount Agung,” he explained.

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  • Arthur

    I hope this is not picky but the whole island needs cleaning and repairing. Remove old building rubbish and service roads and especially footpaths. A great deal of landscaping will help. Bali is most criticizied for being dirty and in a pandemic hygiene on this level ( that’s not just focusing on hand sanitizers) is very important and shows a commitment towards visitors safely.

  • Yogi

    Arthur – yes I think you are being picky – Bali is not Paris or the Greek Islands or such like – it’s Bali. As for your suggestions/complaints – every day I see street sweepers, gardeners tending the gardens along the roads, in most areas the footpaths have been or are being upgraded. Landscaping – would you like to be more specific, most areas have beautiful tropical gardens. As for this pandemic, Bali has been unbelievably responsible in their response and attitude. I’m thinking it might be best for you to just pay exorbitant prices and go to Paris for your holidays…….

  • Diane Gibson

    I think Bali is a beautiful place ,beautiful people . The government proberly doesn’t have the money to do everything but they have really cleaned up the holiday area with new shops , foot paths , cleaners always sweeping. The people are poor and don’t have money to live like us , but they are very proud of what they have got and work very hard

  • Tony Cruz

    I agree with all the ideas coming from the Bali politicians with regards to stopping the spread of this horrible virus…however there’s some actions I don’t understand.
    Mainly…if the malls are open to the public..Galeria Mall…Lippo…Beachwalk in kuta…
    Why the beaches are still closed?
    Wouldn’t be a great idea letting people go to the beach…exercise? Getting some sun and fresh air?
    Keeping social distancing is much easier in a beach then inside of a Starbucks in a mall.
    Not criticising…just asking…Why?

  • Ed B.

    I am an expat who has lived for 40+ years in Indonesia, the last 20 years in Bali.

    This plan is economic suicide for Bali. Bali cannot last another 9 months shut down, poverty amongst the Balinese will be terrible.

    Opening only Nusa Dua this year is elitist and helps nobody apart from up market hotels and I am sure very few tourists will pay the Nusa Dua room rates when the rest of Bali is closed. Who wants to sit on a limited beach? How is Nusa Dua to be isolated, road blocks? Sea access controlled by the Indonesian navy? Be realistic !

    The beaches from Kuta square to Double Six are walled off so access can be controlled and opening the Kuta, Legian area will provide many, many more jobs than the Nusa Dua area.

    What is the plan for north Bali or do they just starve?

    If you look at the Indonesian government Corona statistics for Bali, we are in very, very good shape to handle any Corona infections, and if access to the island is properly controlled there will be zero or minimal additional infections.

    As a retired research scientist I can assure you Corona viruses will be around forever and we will live with them, it will be just another flu variation. Corona viruses are NOT going away. “Zero percent” will never happen.Pandora’s box has been opened !

    Closing the island for another 9 months will result in many more deaths from depression, hunger, mental and physical problems than any deaths from Corona viruses. When people become malnourished their immune systems crash dengue and TB infections will potentially soar. This will overload the hospitals many more times than any perceived Corona viruses.

    The plan as presented in this article is flawed and needs a complete rethink for the quickist economic benefit for the maximum number of Balinese, and needs to include the Bali tourist association and a significant number of hoteliers not just provincial government employees who are still paid and not economically suffering like the rest of Bali.


  • Antonio Julio Lima Cruz

    Couldn’t agree more with Dr Ed
    Nothing makes sense anymore.

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