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Image: Governor Koster. Credit: Instagram

The good news for Bali is that the number of patients totally recovered from Covid-19 is increasing every day, however, the government is concerned that the positive cases from local transmission are also on the rise.

Chairperson of the Covid-19 Bali Task Force, Dewa Made Indra asked the public to not let up their guard and become careless. “This battle against Covid-19 is still long and it is unknown when it will end,” he said while receiving logistical support from Hainan Province, directly from the Chinese Consul General in Denpasar, Gou Haodong, at the Bali Provincial Health Service Office on Monday evening (11/5).

He also said that the manner of prevention in handling Covid-19 in Bali is currently experiencing a shift in direction.

Where previously the strategy was to protect all entrances due to the arrival of Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) and tourists, now it has moved into the local areas.

“At this time the task force together with medical personnel, the pecalang and all parties, have begun to move more against the spread of the corona virus that occurs in the community, because of the increasing number of local transmissions,” he continued.

They are intensifying education to the public to continue to be disciplined in using masks, washing hands, keeping a distance, having a healthy body and keeping away from the crowd. They also still recommend to stay at home whenever possible. Denpasar borders are also tighter now for traffic entering and leaving the city with the PMK.

Since yesterday evening there are now 314 positive patients. 119 people were included in the local transmission tally. The number of recovered patients is 210 people. Positive patients in care (active cases) total 100 people who are in 10 hospitals and/or quarantined in Bapelkesmas and BPK Pering.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Wayan Koster targets the end of May for Bali to have zero new Covid-19 cases.

Bali Covid-19 Task Force states that now the recovery rate of positive Covid-19 patients has increased, with the average recovery rate in Bali being 13 days with a cure rate of 66.8 percent.

With a healing trend that continues to increase, Governor Wayan Koster hopes that Bali will soon be free from the growth of new cases.

To increase the cure rate for heading to zero-positive Bali Covid-19, Bali Governor Wayan Koster held a coordination meeting with regents/mayors from all over Bali at the Gajah Building, Jaya Sabha, Denpasar yesterday.

There were several important points discussed at the meeting. Among them is the matter of the development of Covid-19 patients, the arrival of PMI, improvement of Covid-19 handling facilities, efforts to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 and handling the community economic impact.

“Hopefully by the end of May, we are already zero positive. That is to say no one is being treated anymore. We have to work together to achieve this,” said Governor Koster.

Accompanied by Deputy Governor Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati and Dewa Made Indra, Koster said, the Bali provincial government continues to work to ensure that all needs related to handling Covid-19 in Bali are met.

“I continue to coordinate with the central government to meet the equipment needed,” he said.

Koster also asked the regents/mayors to keep their areas as organized as possible so that there are no new positive cases of Covid-19.

“Each district and city has to continue their efforts to strengthen the discipline of the people, especially to halt the local transmissions,” he pleaded.