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Foreign single women seem to be more satisfied with a Bali boyfriend than the men at home according to recent news stories. Apparently they really know how to treat a lady.

“Not with expensive things, but with attention and how we treat them, that’s more important,” said Steven, one of the “Bali boyfriends”, as quoted by JPPN. The perfect date would be dinner at sunset accompanied with laughter and wine. Afterwards they would take a beach stroll, then maybe end up in bed.

“Usually their clients just want to be listened to, especially about their love lives. Some tell stories of their cheating boyfriends, or not having time to chit-chat after making love,” says the young Kuta man.

“When they want to be listened to, I listen, then I hold them and kiss their forehead, hold her hand, and treat them just like any couple would do,” Steven added.

His clients hail from various countries, from all over Asia to Europe. There’s no fixed charge and he leaves the amount to them. “I don’t have an hourly rate nor daily; I leave it up to them. I tend to enjoy my work more when I don’t have to think about money,” he said.

Steven, of Balinese-Japanese descent, was also interviewed by the Australian press earlier this week and told them he sees about four clients per month — most of them Australian, Korean, Japanese and Russian.

“Generally the age range is between 22 and 40,” he explained. “Only about half of them want sex … They usually want me to accompany them on some events and to treat them special. They want to be understood and to be treated properly.”

I asked what other men might be able to learn from him, based on what women ask him for.

“Men should learn to understand what women need, and how to treat them properly with respect and mutual understanding … It’s more than just sex, it’s the art of touching their hearts and souls,” Steven told

(Not bad advice young man. And I would also imagine it is a similar situation the other way round, with older foreign men and younger local women. As long as everyone is happy, who really cares? Ed)


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  • Ian

    And it’s great that just like there female counterparts, they gladly go dutch on the bills

  • Matt

    Normaly these are lonely women who don’t get lucky in there own country looking for some easy holiday romance of there own…

    But the reality of women keeping a relationship with these guys is near zero.

    Short term loose love….

  • Sundari

    this is great! 🙂

    • Jero

      Maybe… but 28 years later, 3 kids aged 26, 23, 20 still happily married

  • Helen Wright

    I have one too. I see him often and he is such a stud!

  • 8 Degrees of Latitude

    It’s good to hear that there are some Sensitive New Age Kuta Cowboys who cater for women who are looking for a little sensitive holiday romance, whether or not that’s with sex. Steven, quoted in the story, has the right approach. Most such liaisons are short-term, they’re a (welcome) fact of life, and we should leave them all alone to get on with it.

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