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Local police or Satpol PP are scratching their heads as to what to do about the Bali Beer Cycle business that has popped up in Kuta. The Bali Beer Cycles allow customers to wheel their way around Kuta, whilst drinking beer, listening to music and logging onto WiFi.

One of the problems for the civil police is that there is no regulation that regulates this type of business.

Head of Badung Satpol, IGAK Surya Negara confirmed on Monday (30/10), that they had called the bus bar’s owner, who told them that he had already applied for permission to the police and the transportation department. But it turns out that that type of business has no regulation or legal basis.

“We are finding it difficult to take action, because there is no regulation for or against it. Is the transportation, police, or investment service agency issuing a license? This business is still looking for a legal basis,” said Surya Negara, as reported by Nusa Bali.

Unable to obtain the official permission, the bar entrepreneur claims to have received approval from each banjar where the bus operates. The route is around Ground Zero.

“The entrepreneur has asked for approval to the banjar. They do not pick up nor drop off passengers on the road. The bar operates if there are customers. I ask that the business be suspended, while waiting for permission,” Surya Negara added.


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  • D.merrill

    Its safe an brings bules dosent intend to upset culture or traditions only enhance the beauty of bali an where to go for indonesia tourism

  • BuleLaskar

    Its a great alternative to tourist drunk on scooters. Contains street drinking which police cant seem to control.

  • Arlo Sinclair

    I’m sure they can find some reason to ask for gratuities 😉

  • Adri Ligter

    You can see them in Amsterdam too with drunk and screaming tourists ! The consil is going toforbid them.

  • Ajo Oorbeek

    Ban this shit.

    • Brennan Carlisle

      Not sure what your problem is, we absolutely loved it!

  • Marcus McEntee

    only way to travel.

  • Kaiyaaa

    We went on the bike recently after seeing how much fun people were having, I think it’s an amazing new tourist attraction and that it’s
    something different that’s not in Australia
    It’s a European idea, I first a similar thing in Amsterdam where they have operating for years and years, adding to the amazing streets.
    It felt very safe and comfortable with security on board and seatbelts.
    Its just innocent fun and totally under control!

  • Brennan Carlisle

    We recently jumped on during our latest holiday to Bali and absolutely loved it.
    Great new tourist attraction!!!!
    Something different that’s not in Australia
    A great European idea.
    We felt very safe the entire time with security on board and seatbelts!
    The local staff on board were absolutely amazing too

  • Bier Drinker

    These have been driving around Amsterdam for years.
    Was just in the local (dutch) news that these things got forbidden by law:

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