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Image: Jalan Nakula is getting some changes. Credit:

Badung Transportation Board (Dishub) will change the traffic direction on Jalan Nakula on the Kuta/Seminyak border in an attempt of solving on-going traffic issues in the area, especially during working hours and weekends.

They will try the traffic flow change on Thursday, February 14, 2019, from around 8am. The Head of Badung District Transportation Board (Dishub), Anak Agung Ngurah Rai Yuda Dharma, said that the traffic flow changes have been approved by all related stakeholders.

“We held a Badung District Traffic and Transportation Forum meeting with all stakeholders and we decided to change the traffic flow on Jalan Nakula and Gang Baik-Baik on Legian and Seminyak area. We will try out the changes on February 14, 2019. We hope that all of the related institutions can socialize these changes to all the community and street users,” he said to

Meanwhile, the Head of Badung Traffic, Tofan Priyanto, said that his team has prepared the following road changes.

The first is changing the two way flow on Jalan Nakula to one way, West to East, from the Jalan Arjuna (Raya Seminyak) intersection to Jalan Eka Laweya (the intersection East of the bridge) and sending traffic south. The second change is to prohibit vehicles, except motorbikes, going from East to West along Nakula from passing through the Jalan Nakula /Eka Laweya intersection. The third change is the two way traffic of Gang Baik-Baik (The Orchard) changing to a one way flow from North to South.

Jalan Sri Rama and Padma East will also be changing to one way to accommodate traffic flow from what appears to become a hotspot around the Nakula bridge – but we could be wrong. Ed.

From what we can gather, it appears that to get to Jenja from the north means going via Jalan Seminyak or Gang Plawa (looping back from the traffic lights on Sunset). Getting to The Orchard is via Gang Plawa from the North. Coming from the South, Jenja is via Jalan Seminyak and The Orchard is still from Gang Plawa, continuing along Sunset. It’s all rather complicated and best to keep alert on the day.

However Tofan says comfortingly, “We have carried out a technical study with related stakeholders and the residents around the Kuta/Legian area before we implemented this layout.”

When he was asked about the duration of the trial, he said that it would be situational. “We will carry out the trial for a week or for a month. It depends on the situation. If there aren’t any complaints, we will evaluate it and we will permanently implement it,” he concluded.