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Badung government has started the process of buying land to construct the proposed south ring road along the southern part of Bali’s Bukit peninsular. Badung Public Works and Spatial Planning Board has targeted that the buying process for the first part of the project must be completed by the end of 2018.

The Head of Badung Public Works and Spatial Planning Board, IB Surya Suamba, said that the land is in the process of being checked by government agencies. After the process is complete and the official validation is released, they will start the payment process.

“For the first stage, we will buy the lands on Sawangan area (near Nusa Dua) with the distance of 1 km,” he said to

He explained that so far they haven’t had any problem or refusals from the residents concerned when they negotiated the land price for the first stage. The residents already knew that their land will be used for the south ring road project.

“The target for the first stage completion (of buying the land) is at the end of 2018, and second stage during 2019,” he added.

The south ring road will pass along the cliffs, beaches, land and sea of the south Bukit peninsular area. The distance will total 33.5 km and the road construction will start in 2020. The first stage will be completed in 2021 and the second in 2022.

The government hopes that the ring road will reduce traffic congestion on Jalan Uluwatu, Siligita, and Ungasan, Pecatu.

They will divide the construction process into three phases. Phase 1 will start from the exit gate of Bali Mandara Toll until Ungasan. Then phase 2 will start from Ungasan until Uluwatu. Phase 3 will start from Uluwatu, Pecatu until Kali Jimbaran By Pass Road intersection.


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  • David stevens

    Excellent..bagus sekali..all good

    • Woodsy

      Not Good For the Coastline.
      Will ruin it..

  • Don

    Some things need to change . This is one of them

  • Wayan

    Looks to me like both Karma & Sundays Beach Club will have the road passing through their properties?

  • Greg Finlayson

    Horrible. Must be the same idiots who thought blowing up the Candi Dasa reef to make concrete was a good tourist idea and lost the lagoon in the process

  • Woodsy

    You dont understand how much this will ruin the only Natural areas left.
    Especialy if they built along the beach destroying the reef and peace and quiet of the Natural image of Southern Bali in Ungasan and Uluwatu. Please keep the roads off the Beach.
    Dont destroy the Island more..

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