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Image: Bali Mandara Toll Road gate. Credit: ST

The Bali provincial government’s plan to change the name of the Bali Mandara Toll Road, received a resounding No from the Badung government on Tuesday. Instead of changing the name of the toll road, they have requested the government focus on improving the quality of services on the toll. Also they were a little slighted by the fact that they weren’t consulted about it as the Badung government was one of the principal stakeholders.

The Vice Head of the Badung Regional Representatives, I Nyoman Karyana, said to that he refused the plan to change the toll road’s name. He stated that everyone must respect the previous government who gave the name of Bali Mandara to not only the toll road, but also the hospital, and other monumental projects that have been constructed. He also doubted the impact of the plan. “Is there any guarantee that the quality of the service will be better if we change the name?” he asked.

He also added that Badung government should have been invited to discuss the plan, because Badung paid over Rp 100 billion of the toll road construction. “They should have spoken to us before declaring their intention,” he added.

Another Badung representative, I Nyoman Mesir, also disagreed with the plan. He stated that the name Bali Mandara must be preserved to respect the previous governor, Made Pangku Pastika, who completed the construction in his era. “We must give our respect to him. They should focus on improving public welfare,” he said.

Mesir also stated that the new government should improve the quality of the services, such as solving the traffic jams at the toll gates. “The new government should monitor the situation and ask the toll road management to improve the quality of service,” he concluded.

The new name proposed by the Bali government is Tol I Gusti Ngurah Rai.