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Image: Giri Prasta and entourage in Canggu. Credit: Facebook. @pemkabbadung.

Badung Regent Giri Prasta with an entourage of Badung local government officials were in Canggu, along Jalan Batubolong, yesterday inspecting the planned improvements of sidewalks and short cuts in the Canggu area.

The regent said in a video on the Badung social media pages that the hope was to provide safe and comfortable transportation infrastructure for residents and tourists despite the present Covid-19 condition.

The first project, which is slated to start today, is a new sidewalk along Jalan Canggu Batubolong.

“With aid from the Public Works Department (PUPR), the Badung Regency Government will construct the 1.2 km footpath with a budget of Rp10 billion. We trust that people living in the area and tourists who spend their holidays in the Canggu area will feel at home and comfortable,” the regent said.

He also stated that in 2020 the Badung government will be intensively improving pavements and short cut roads in the Canggu area to help prevent traffic congestion and improve the aesthetic of the entire Canggu, which is now one of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations.

The entourage, which included heads of the Badung government, I Nyoman Giri Prasta, Deputy Regent Suustom and Regional Secretary Adi Arnawa, and heads of Public Works and the Canggu area’s banjar leaders then took a walk around the proposed site to review the sidewalk development.

After that the Badung heads moved on to open tree planting projects in Tibubeneng and then Legian.  This was part of a movement entitled “One Million Trees Benefit” which was initiated by the Badung Regency’s Office of Environment and Hygiene (DLHK) along with local villages.