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Badung District Cultural Board has stated that they will support Kerobokan Village’s decision to ask their residents to avoid either selling or consuming dog meat. They have also asked every village in the Badung District to follow the plan.

The Head of Badung Cultural Board, Anom Bhasma, said that the application of the rule was a positive act from Kerobokan Customary Village. He also said that his side has socialized the rule to several villages in the Badung District.

“We support the decision. We socialized the rule about dog meat before they applied it. Plus, there is a rule already made by the Bali provincial government that bans dog meat,” he said to on Saturday.

He also said that every Badung village should spread the rule so their residents would know about it and conform to it. “If they put it in their laws, the position of the rule will be stronger because there will be a sanction if they violate the rule,” he added. He explained that the rule will also apply to immigrants if the villages sanction the laws.