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An Australia woman, Knight Ella Makeesha (29) is another casualty this week on Bali roads after falling into a Canggu drain while riding a motorcycle early this morning.

According to Badung police officers, the incident occurred at around 3am, on Jalan Raya Canggu. The victim was staying at Litus Rinaya Hotel, in Berawa, Canggu.

“It is suspected that the victim was riding the motorcycle at high speed, driving from west to east. It is presumed that the woman lost control of the motorbike at the scene of the accident. As a result the victim fell off the bike and into the drain. The motorcycle bounced into the middle of rice fields east of the road,” an unnamed police officer told Bali Post.

At 3am, a resident reported to the North Kuta police station (Kuta Polsek) seeing a motorcycle in the middle of rice fields with its engine still running.

Police officers investigated the scene and found the victim in the roadside drain with her face submerged in water.

Police stopped a passing car and took the victim immediately to the Canggu Medical Clinic, where after examination, the woman was declared dead.