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Overall tourist numbers to Tanjung Benoa have bounced back since last year’s downturn, but now the number of tourists is dominated by Chinese and Indians.

The Chief of Badung Water and Boat Tourism Business Association (Gahaswisri), Nyoman Wana Putra, confirmed that visitor numbers at Tanjung Benoa are now stable and dominated by Chinese and Indian tourists, however he also said that the Australian tourist numbers, which were usually the most in the area, had decreased almost 30 percent.

“At this time, Chinese and Indian tourists were dominating. For Australian tourists, the number has decreased, because it appears they came to Bali for business right now, not for leisure,” he said to

He said that the decreasing number of Australian tourists has been substituted by Chinese and Indian tourists with increases between 35 to 40 percent. “They also go to Turtle Island, and also liked adventure games and sea-walking,” he said.

Although there are many tourist visits now, he also said that there is a major problem for any increase in the future, namely the access road to Tanjung Benoa is small and with limited parking space.

Due to the narrow access road, the route to Tanjung Benoa is always crowded now with big vehicles. (Tourist busses one would imagine. Ed).

“That’s why it took a long time to get to Tanjung Benoa. The access road is small and it is the only way in. It’s impossible to increase the visitor numbers at present,” he concluded.