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An Australian woman (40) who said that she was raped in Legian on Tuesday (14/03) morning. The victim said that the alleged incident lasted for almost four hours by an unidentified local man.

“The case has been reported to the Denpasar police, but we’ve yet to know the details,” said Wayan Sumara, Kuta Police Chief. Reinhard Naninggolan, Head of Denpasar Police Crime Division, could not be reached to confirm the case, but a police officer in Denpasar revealed that the rape case was filed in the afternoon.

“She came and was crying while telling the story,” said the source. He gathered from the report that the victim was raped behind Hotel Jayakarta Legian behind the bushes by the beach. She admitted that she just had a drink in a nearby bar, and was approached by the perpetrator.

Feeling annoyed, she pushed the man back. “The victim was then slammed to the floor and dragged. She fought but her hands were held behind her and her mouth was covered,” the source continued.

The victim recalled that she was dragged to a deserted place around 6 metre from where she was attacked, and once they arrived behind the bush, she was slapped then afterward remained silent. “It happened around midnight, and at 03.50am the perp left her there.”

In another report in the Australian Daily Telegraph, it was claimed the woman didn’t want to have a medical examination after reporting the incident.

Police said in order for the case to proceed they needed the woman to agree to a rape examination, something which so far she had resisted.

“We have conducted the investigation at the crime scene. We are continuing with that. But we need a medical report as evidence,” he said.

“In our legal process, we need proof, we need evidence. Only a medical report can prove that she was raped. It’s not easy to prove if only based on a statement, as there is no witness.

“We will try to persuade her. We will try to make her understand that a medical report is very important for police to do the investigation.”