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Sanur Beach is one of the best spots to enjoy the sunrise, but unfortunately its beauty is often tainted by the sight of trash littering the coastline. Plastic waste can be found underneath the white sand and out in the sea.

One Australian man’s way of dealing with the situation is quite admirable: every morning he will walk down the beach and collect the litter himself while he’s taking his dogs out for a walk. He is extremely worried about the proliferation of plastic waste. “This will certainly affect marine lives,” Gibson said, as quoted by Indopos. “The waste can kill fish and other animals.”

His concern over the condition of the beaches in Bali started when he moved to live on the island. “Bali is a world-class tourist destination, so it is ironic that there is trash everywhere.” Gibson, who lives in Sanur, said that he started picking up the trash around two years ago. “I enjoy being a ‘scavenger’ in Sanur.”

Usually, he’ll start from Bali Beach Hotel and finish at Sindhu Beach. “Initially I thought that this waste problem is not my concern, but the Balinese’s. But after a while I changed my way of thinking—there needs to be action to stop this littering.”