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An Australian man, Gregor Egli, 41, accepted the verdict when Denpasar District Court judges sentenced him to five months of rehabilitation at Anargya Foundation.

The Head of Judges, Bambang Eka Putra, SH, MH, said that they considered several things before deciding the sentence. One of them was that the defendant had a recommendation letter from a doctor to have rehab before he was arrested.

“We stated that the defendant was found guilty of possessing and using level I narcotics and he violated Article 127 paragraph 1 of Indonesian Law number 35 of 2009,” said the judge. The judge also stated that the defendant would be sentenced to eight months in jail if he violates any narcotic regulations during the rehabilitation process.

The Public Prosecutor, Assri Susantina, SH, MH, demanded the defendant receive 12 months in jail and stated she would be considering the verdict.

The case began when the man, who worked as an event organizer, was arrested on January 28, 2019, on Jalan Dalawati, West Denpasar. Police, who received a tip off from a local resident, entered the house and found 0.09 gram of meth. “The defendant bought the packet of meth from a man called Derry for Rp 2.3 million,” said the prosecutor. The defendant didn’t only use a pipe to consume the meth, but also a syringe. “He mixed sodium chloride with meth and injected it into his body. He said that he did that to get 100% effect from the drug,” the prosecutor added.