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Image: Blind Justice. Credit: Charles Sturt Uni.

Australian, Joshua James Baker, 32, who was facing a maximum sentence of 15 years for drug smuggling, saw leniency from judges at Denpasar court yesterday as he was sentenced to time in rehab because of a history of depression.

The verdict, which was read by head judge I Wayan Kawisada, stated that the defendant must carry out a 10 month rehabilitation at Bali Kasih Kita Foundation on Jalan Muhammad Yamin, Denpasar. The judge did not explain the reason why they chose that foundation, even though the defendant’s rehab had already begun at Bangli Psychiatric Hospital some time ago.

“The judges decided that the defendant was guilty and violated the country’s narcotic laws and sentenced the defendant to 10 months in custody. The defendant must carry out a rehabilitation process during his sentence on Bali Kasih Kita Foundation (Yakita Bali),” said the judge, as quoted by

“He was proven to not be part of drug network or a dealer, that he was a user because of the mental and health problems,” the judge said.

The public prosecution, which was led by Assri Susantina, S.H., is still considering the decision because her team had asked for a 12 month jail sentence.

Baker was arrested at Bali’s international airport in October after a customs officer noticed his “nervous and suspicious” behaviour. Officers searched Baker and found 28 grams of marijuana mixed with tobacco as well as 37 tablets of the prescription drug Diazepam, an anti-depressant medication.

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  • Cyril Terrien

    Judges didn’t show some leniency, he just got enough money!

  • Andreas Stokowy

    It’s a start

  • Petruk Dollar

    A nice kick in the guts for the Customs and Bali police chief who is making great inroads into the Bali drug industry by nabbing previously untouchable Mr Bigs, only to have a judge sentence this rich Physco to 10 months” rehab”?? WTF is Yakita Bali or more to the point who owns it ? I wonder if the KPK or BNN (national drug agency) has ever heard of Bali or are ordered not to poke their nose into the Bali drug industry. The BNN have a great rehab program for drug players (Bang Bang) your cured.

  • Ty Moss

    He had maybe 1 gram of marijuana in 27 grams of tobacco… Weird how some of you narcs think 7 months in Kerobokan and 10 months in rehab is some slap on the wrist for that… Yeah sounds like a real kingpin..

  • Petruk Dollar

    This is the same Joshua Baker who The Sydney Herald photographed jogging along Sanur Beach 2 months ago when he was supposed to be in Kerobokan on remand. Are these privliges given to small time users with a gram up his freckle? Anyone recall the video of his arrest at the airport screaming “you cant arrest me i have permission to bring this to Bali” Just the ravings of a junkie or might know a few names ?

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