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An Australian citizen T.W.H. (31) was on trial yesterday in the Denpasar District Court for allegedly attempting to steal a pair of Gucci sunglasses worth Rp 4 million.

“It is alleged that the attempted theft took place on Sunday, July 30 at around 10.30am, at the IDP eyewear display counter in the international departure terminal of Ngurah Rai Airport,” said prosecutor Made Ayu Citra Mayasari in the court hearing on Thursday (19/10/2017).

“He took one item, a pair of Gucci sunglasses, which belonged to PT IDP,” she said, as reported by Detik.

According to the prosecutors, the incident began when T. walked up to the sunglass counter at the duty free shop. The man took a pair of the sunglasses off the rack and tried them on, without returning them to the display counter.

This was all caught on CCTV camera according to Bali Post

“The defendant left the stall with the glasses,” said Prosecutor Mayasari. (The articles don’t mention whether the glasses were on his head or in his hand. Ed.)

The man then looked around a nearby T-shirt counter and took off his own black T-shirt and changed it for a black singlet.

“At this point the defendant then placed the Gucci sunglasses into a brown backpack belonging to him,” said Prosecutor Mayasari.

The prosecutor has charged T.W.H. with Article 362 of the Criminal Code, which carries a maximum five years in jail.

The accused’s lawyer, Erwin Siregar said that the defendant is a nervous flier and had no intention of taking the sunglasses.

“After the man was approached by the manger and security at a restaurant in the departure lounge, he immediately apologised and said that he felt remorse as he did it unconsciously. He also tried to pay for the sunglasses. However the shop manager refused as the manager said that company regulations must be followed and they should proceed with the legal process,” he told the court.

Mr Siregar said the case was simple and should not have been in court but the company was enforcing its regulations.

“It is an extremely simple case. He has admitted what he has done, he has apologised and feels remorse. So it is clear enough,” Mr Siregar said.

“The point is, it is true that he has done it. However, he has done it unconsciously. He had no intention to take the glasses. So we really hope for the lightest sentence.

When the trial resumes next Tuesday the prosecution will deliver their sentence demand.

Image: Sunglass Store at Denpasar Airport (