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An Australian surfer died unexpectedly on Sunday night (28/05) at Plengkung Beach, better known to some as Grajagan or G-Land, south of Banyuwangi, East Java. The cause of death is still unknown but it is assumed that it was because of an illness.

According to Jawa Pos Radar Banyuwangi, Patrick Raymond Saunder (49) arrived in Banyuwangi with 22 colleagues last Monday (22/5). Arriving at Bumi Blambangan, the Australian entourage scattered into several groups. Patrik along with five other colleagues stayed at Bobys Surf Camp, Plengkung area. While the others stayed at several other places in the area.

According to reports, Patrick complained of feeling sick to his friends. However, he did not say anymore details of the illness he appeared to be suffering. On Sunday afternoon, at around 6pm, Patrick and five of his colleagues ate pancakes at the Bobys Surf Camp restaurant.

A few moments later, the man collapsed and was unconscious. His colleagues asked for help from a member of the Australian entourage who happened to be a doctor except he was in another camp.

Unfortunately, when the doctor arrived at the scene, Patrick was already dead. The incident was then reported to Mapolsek Tegaldlimo at around 10pm Sunday.

Local police officers went directly to the scene and the body of Mr Saunder was taken to Blambangan Hospital Monday on morning (27/5).

According to Banyuwangi police chief, AKP Dewa Putu Prima Yogantara P, the police are still coordinating with the Australian Consulate-General in Bali. “We are still coordinating with the Australian Embassy to determine the next step, whether the victim needs to be autopsied or not,” he said yesterday.

Photo: – Raja Wisata Indonesia