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Image: Man arrested with drugs from Kerobokan. Credit: ST.

West Denpasar police arrested a man acting suspiciously in front of Circle K on Jalan Teuku Umar, West Denpasar, back on June 15, 2019. After being searched, they found that the suspect, M.R.N.S., 38, was in possession of a package of crystal meth weighing 0.32 grams and five pink ecstasy pills. They also secured a roll of white paper containing what was thought to be half a blue ecstasy pill, a glass pipette, a match book, three modified pipettes, a bag and a smartphone.

“After the arrest, the evidence was taken to the Denpasar Lab to be tested and this information is only released now because the results of the laboratory tests have only just arrived,” Head of West Denpasar Polsek, Commissioner Johannes Nainggolan told Bali Post.

The suspect, who lived on Jalan Tukad Baru, West Denpasar, also claimed that the drugs were supplied by someone inside Kerobokan prison and he was paid to distribute the drugs.

“He claimed that the drugs came from Kerobokan prison,” AKP Johannes told

The suspect, who is originally from Jakarta, was arrested after police received a tip off from a local resident. “He was waiting for his customer at the scene,” he explained.

After police arrested him, they searched his room, but they didn’t find anything suspicious. “The suspect is unemployed. We continue investigating the case, especially about the supplier of the drugs,” he concluded.