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Image: Home safe opens easily with the key. Credit:

A Greek national, living in a house on Jalan Kahuripan, Ungasan, noticed cash was disappearing from his safe and reported it to South Kuta Polsek on Sunday. After investigating the case, police discovered that an employee of the house, E.S., 28, was the culprit and was arrested on Monday.

“He was working at the villa as the dog walker and guard, which explains how he understood the condition of the villa,” said the Head of South Kuta Polsek Criminal Investigations Unit, Inspector H. Andi Muh. Nurul Yaqin, to on Tuesday.

The suspect was arrested on Monday while he was working at around 4pm. When he was interrogated, he admitted the crime and police then secured evidence from him.

“The victim reported that he had lost around Rp 100 million,” Inspector Yaqin said.

The suspect admitted that he had stolen from the safe every few months starting from April 2016 with amounts varying from Rp 1 million to 1,000 euros.

“The suspect admitted taking the key and opening the man’s room. He then took the safe key from the drawer and duplicated it. He used that key to steal the money since then,” he said.

The police secured evidence such as a motorcycle, and a golden necklace worth of Rp 3.6 million. “We also secured the savings book and ATM card, two duplicated safe keys, a mobile phone, two branded watches, and Rp 17.6 million in cash,” Yaqin said to