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Image: Mandiri ATM machine skimmed. Credit:

Bali Regional Police arrested a Bulgarian citizen named Krasimir Stoykov aka Stoykov while in the act of skimming an ATM machine on Jalan Kunti, Seminyak on Tuesday.

“He is being held at the Bali Regional Police Headquarters with his hands and feet in chains,” said Director of the Bali Regional Police Reskrimum Commissioner Andi Fairan on Wednesday (07/10/2019).

According to Fairan, the arrest began with a report from Bank Mandiri that one of their ATM machines located on Jalan Kunti in Seminyak, had been discovered with a skimming device installed in the form of a router, complete with a flash disk and a hidden camera.

From the information, the Polda Bali police, together with a team from Bank Mandiri conducted surveillance of the ATM. Then, at around 5.47 on Tuesday morning, the perpetrator arrived on a motorbike and entered the ATM room.

“Inside the ATM, seen on CCTV surveillance cameras installed by the police, the perpetrator opened the hidden camera installed on the ATM pin cover,” Fairan told reporters.

When the perpetrator left the ATM, police immediately detained him.

Police secured a router with flash disk, a hidden camera, 26 white cards, 1 clamp, 1 passport belonging to the perpetrator and Rp.29 million in cash.

Meanwhile, Bali regional police chief, Petrus Reinhard Golose said that ATM skimming cases occurred throughout the entire world, not only in Bali. “The skimming cases happened because of many crime organizations from Europe coming to Bali, but even if this did happen, we manage to expose the crimes,” he said after the 73rd Bhayangkara Day Ceremony in Bajrasandhi Field, Denpasar on Wednesday (10/7).

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  • Dave

    I was skimmed at an ATM last november in Bali..
    Ruined my stay..
    Turned out to be Bulgarians..and have heard of at least 6 more times Bulgarians have been apprehended since..
    Surely the banks or somebody should be required to check them all at least weekly on a Random basis the Crooks dont avoid..or maybe electronic detection devices..

    Something has to be done..heard its 100,s of million rupiah..and spoiling a lot of holidays in a destination thats already become trying to cope with..

  • BaliRob

    I have lived for over 11 years in Bali – with very few exceptions – it has been the Bulgarians that have stolen from ATMs. Eastern Europeans only have one intention when coming to Bali – this should be enough to prevent entry to Indonesia

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